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Thread: Has being a DL/AB ever had a posative benifiet outside of the diaper stuff.

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    Default Has being a DL/AB ever had a posative benifiet outside of the diaper stuff.

    For me this has happen once recently. Here what happened, I have a very sever case of restless leg syndrome (my legs will kick even when I am asleep). When I sleep I have many times been "ejected" from bed because my legs have kicked so hard when I been asleep, a few times I have banged my head on the night stand. Well the other day I go over to to buy a new plastic mattress cover, and they suggest that people have gotten the one I was buy has also bought a bed rail (you know the ones they put on normal beds for toddlers just starting out sleeping in a real bed) I figure what the heck I will try it to see if it helps, well the last few nights, I have not fallen out of bed because of my legs kicking (I have been woken up as I hit the bed rails, but that better then hitting my head on the night stand.)

    And this because as a DL I need a new mattress protector encase my diaper leaked at night.

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    Default helps you keep in touch with your emotions?

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    When I was at university, I wore while studying so I didn't have to take as many pee breaks. I guess you could say thats a benefit... but I was more distracted by wearing so my focus was gone.

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    I can usually forget that I'm wearing one, so diapers would be pritty helpful for me at college.

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    Well, I think I wouldn't be me without this...and If I were like I am under any circumstances, I would have this lifestyle.

    As for it actually clearly being a positive benefit, no.

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    I just took an eight-hour exam this weekend. And while bathroom breaks were allowed (by checking out & then checking back in with an ID), I decided that would be far too time-consuming for a timed exam. So diapered I went It also made me feel a 'lil better about spending an entire Saturday doing calculations instead of enjoying the weather.

    Definitely a good thing that wearing diapers doesn't distract me. Holding it, however... big distractor.

    I also second the keeping in-touch with emotions thing.

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    I would say that depends in part on whether it's a fetish or a kink for you. A kink is is a non-mainstream sexual turn-on or desire that goes alongside or in addition to otherwise fairly normal sexual desires. The line between a kink and a fetish is that a person with a fetish cannot achieve sexual arousal or satisfaction from mainstream stimuli. In other words, a kink augments common desires, whereas a fetish replaces them.

    For people who like diapers as a kink, there probably are probably not a whole lot of benefits, other than maybe not being so opposed to wearing a diaper in times when it can be a real help. People with kinks often live otherwise "normal" lives, with all the ups and downs that go with it, because normal sex still "works" for them. This can lead to uncomfortable situations, though, when they let their significant other know of their other little turn-on.

    For people who have it as a fetish, however, it can grant an additional degree of stability. Let's face it: significant others can have fights or break up with you, and leave you feeling terrible. They can make your life a real roller coaster ride. Diapers don't do that. Granted, stability is often what diaper-attracted people are looking for in the first place, and may have subconsciously pushed them towards diapers.

    For me, it is a fetish. I don't necessarily like it, but it's the way it is. Do I wish I was normal? Hell yes. I would give nearly anything for this to go away so I could have a girlfriend and a family. And yet it is a foolish pipe dream at the same time, and maybe this is for the best. I don't do well in subtle social situations. I never have. I miss subtle cues and say the wrong things at the wrong times. I don't do well with remembering things like birthdays. I know I would royally screw up any relationship with a girl, whether or not I had perfectly normal sexual attractions or not. It boils down to the fact that I'm screwed up in more ways than one. At least diapers will never shoot me down when I screw up. I guess that's a positive benefit. . .

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    BabyWolf, interesting post I always just thought I had simply a fetish, but for me I can get sexual arousal from the normal straight person stuff, I will admit I don't go looking for it because I think that porn does degrade woman and I want to have respect for all people, so I do not want to look at stuff that degrades them. I find diapers fun, but they are not the only way I could get aroused, Just like most "normal" guys if I see a DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL woman I just can not help my self but to think oh she is hot and have some physical reaction (even if I am not going for it). I do feel bad after because with out trying I have cold-heatedly treated the poor woman as an object and I should not do that, even if it is for a fleeting moment, that I really had not full control over.

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    I'm not sure this is within the boundary's of your question, but I've been a DL since I was 11 or so. So when I became incontinent due to my health issues and had to actually wear for real, it wasn't as big of a shock to me. I actually had a reason to wear now, a legitimate one, and I already knew how to diaper myself, and where to get them, etc....

    So in that respect, yes, being a DL has actually paid off for me.

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