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Thread: It's a sad day to be a car guy.

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    Default It's a sad day to be a car guy.

    After 83 years, Pontiac is dead.

    Due to the compromising situation GM is in because of the current economic situation, decades of beancounter mismanagement, and the stranglehold of our own bureaucratic nutjob, Barack Obama, Pontiac will be gone within a year.

    In case you didn't know it, GM is now partially owned by the US government. Their (Obama's) first action was to force the resignation of former CEO Rick Wagoner... The guy, that in his short 8 year stint at GM, changed the company from making tin-can Cavaliers and minivans that look like Dustbusters to a company that makes cars like the new Malubu, Pontiac G8, new Chevy/GMC pickups, the Camaro, Corvette, the Volt... And so on. Because of him, GM started making cars people actually wanted to buy.

    Now they're splitting GM at the seams. As of today, Saturn, Hummer, Saab, and most saddening... Pontiac... Are dead.

    But... Buick lives on. The car company that hasn't inspired anyone under 70 years old in the last 30 years. Same goes for GMC, the purveyor of all-things-Chevy, but with a different grille. I just don't understand it.

    I can see losing all the others, but Pontiac is a gigantic piece of American history. It could've lived on to be so much more, but the heavy hand of our current Socialist regime has pushed them out the door.

    At the same time, there are current talks of Obama creating subsidies to give Chinese automakers (you know, the ones that steal intellectual property from other carmakers, and produce cars that are guaranteed to kill their occupants in anything more than a fender bender) a foothold in the American market. Absolutely fucking sickening.

    83 years, come and gone... RIP Pontiac. I'll miss you.

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    Excellent pics, NEjay. Although I'm not a car guy, your post did help me realize the gravity of this turn of events. I drive one of those fine cars (not from the pictures, to be precise). I'd never realized the aesthetic design elements all Pontiacs seem to share.

    I can't say that I'm sorry to see the Hummer go, but now I suppose I am a bit disappointed in the demise of my car's species. I think I should try to take better care of her--been a great car.

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    Yeah...I almost cried when i first heard about this... i was always hoping for them to bring back a new trans am, but that's sadly not all i have to say is R.I.P. Pontiac.....I will miss you...

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    Very nice cars; and your right they are a part of American history it's a shame to see them go.

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    I'm like you, NEjay. I don't understand why they would discontinue the Pontiac. The first car that I built for the track was a 67 Pontiac LeMans convertible. I sure wish I had that car today. Supposedly Pontiac was only contributing 10 percent to their total sales. Somehow I find that hard to believe. The GMC line seems stupid and redundant to me. This is what happens when politicians think they know more about cars than the people who build them, and those who buy them. They did the same thing to education.

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    Not that I liked Pontiac, but I have to agree with your statement here. If they do something like that with Honda, I'll kill myself

    Quote Originally Posted by NEJay View Post
    our own bureaucratic nutjob, Barack Obama, Pontiac will be gone within a year.
    Finally someone who agrees Obama is indeed a nutjob. Go throw him in a mental prison please and get Bush back in here!

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    hehe you posted a pic of my car...its the Formula ram air in the 3rd pic

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    I have to be honest, I have always thought that it was silly for GM and the others to have so many "Brands." For a long period of time the only difference between a Chevy, Pontiac, and Buick sedan was the interior and extras. It was actually so bad that at one point my dad bought a used Chevy, it needed a new front bench seat. We went to junk yard and pulled a power bench seat out of a Caddy of the same year. I joked about the bolt holes lining up, my dad didn't think it likely. Not only did they line up, but there was even a power line in the Chevy that plugged right into the seat power line.

    I think that they, and Ford and Chrysler should get rid of all the brands, just sell GM, Ford and Chrysler cars. That way they can keep the iconic names, Trans Am, Firebird, Corvette, Mustang, etc. and not worry what "Brand" it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Supposedly Pontiac was only contributing 10 percent to their total sales.
    Wagoner and Lutz's vision was to meld Pontiac into a Scion-like brand, but with actual performance cars. They tried to push for a sub-$15k RWD turbocharged car and roadster, a quick hatchback/wagon, the G8 and G8 ST (car based pickup), and the Solstice.

    In the end the beancounters won out and they got a rebadged Korean Chevy Aveo (which is outclassed by anything short of a donkey), a warmed over G6 rental car, a Cobalt with a different grille, and what could've been an excellent roadster (the Solstice) if they didn't take it out of the oven too early. The only car they succeded getting was the G8.

    Shame... I'd kill for a 260hp $14k econocoupe, and I think a lot of others would've too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    get Bush back in here!
    Uh, no.

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    I just heard about this. This has got to be the dumbest decision GM could make. IT'S PONTIAC for goodness sakes. GMC is a completely useless division, cut them, there is no point in making two models of chevy trucks. Hummer's, I mean, come on, sell the rights to the H1 to the military for their things and get rid of the little ones. Saab's, well, they can be their own company if they want. Saturn was great when they were "a different kind of company, a different kind of car" - I believe that was their slogan back in the day. Back then, they made a reliable, and attractive small car to compete with the civic and corolla, and it competed well. They don't do that anymore.

    Pontiac though, that brought youthful spenders into GM's showrooms. They had sport's sedans to compete with things like the Maxima. Nobody who wants to buy a Nissan Maxima is also considering a Buick Lucerne, not happening. They would consider a Grand Prix, or a Bonneville.

    I am a Pontiac owner, so that makes me sad. I guess that makes my car a classic?

    Anyway, I'll end this rant with a pic of my Pontiac. May the Chief rest in peace.

    (it's actually not mine, but it looks a lot like it)

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