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    I am a self-proclaimed work-aholic.

    When I am not in school, I become very depressed when I have nothing to do.

    I can't get away from work without feeling guilty about the mounting pile of incomplete paperwork.

    Either I work like heck, or I don't work AT when I burn-out.

    Well, I was feeling a bit burnt-out. For the past several weeks, I was averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per night, including many weekends.

    So, I spent last Friday and Saturday doing no homework. I was so tired of my personality, so I rebelled against it.

    Frankly, it was harder to NOT work than it was to keep going on my schoolwork.

    Well...for once in my life, I actually relaxed and had fun.

    It is the night before my work is due, and I am procrastinating. But I chose to do this to myself. I went into this knowing the consequences of not working Friday and Saturday--working like Heck on Sunday.

    So this has been a bit of a rant, but I feel like I have finally seen a LIGHT--I have realized a profound truth about my existence!

    It IS possible to have fun AND to work at the same time!

    Does anyone else feel particularly inspired by the above article?

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    Indeed. Procrastinus Maximus. The most important skills you can learn are work estimation and time management. If you can accurately gauge how long something is going to take, you can budget only the necessary time, not stress over it, and have more time for fun. Putting in more effort than is necessary to get an A or whatever the highest weighed grade is in a class or project is wasteful because it has no further effect on your GPA.

    For people who don't know how GPA is normally calculated, what matters is the letter grade, not the percentage (note that the letter grade applies to certain percentages, but the range varies from place to place). If you get an A in all your classes, you're getting a 4.0 whether or not you scored the bare minimum to get an A or scored 100% (except in certain advanced classes or using additionally weighted grading). Any effort beyond that point is wasted. And guess what? Not expending excessive effort will mean you find yourself more rested and performing better from day to day.

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