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Thread: Why riot, and burn stuff?

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    Default Why riot, and burn stuff?


    Last night, in my hometown- a city I still hail from and have lived in since I was 3 years old; a riot erupted because of drunken college kids celebrating an out-of-control block party.

    They were burning stuff from people's porches, people who were not involved in the riots, and or the afore mentioned block party.

    Why do it? Why do people act so fucking stupid with stuff like that while drunk? I drink, but I don't act stupid when I am drunk, I just mellow out and watch TV at my bar, or at home I write and draw. I don't see the fun in burning stuff and starting a riot. It's a waste of taxpayer resources, and it's a waste of law enforcement resources.

    Last night, they had to call in officers from several towns all over the area because it was out of control. To me, that's a waste of a city's resources, because my city's gonna have to reimburse Metro Swat, the Sheriff's Dept, and neighboring cities for use of THEIR resources and vehicles.

    To me, it's immature, and dumb. Why do it? Why burn stuff, act like complete jackasses and risk getting expelled from school. It does not make sense to me.


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    Because they're intoxicated and can't think straight.

    Why drink in the first place?

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    The person alone is smart intelligent and well behaved (most of the time) People in a group are dumb stupid panicky animals (i.e. mob behavior). When you mix a group with an intoxicant you get destructive behavior that would not otherwise be socially acceptable. The larger the group the more destructive it will be.

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    The only thing more intoxicating than alcohol is fire?

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    Kent State riots and civil unrest. Haven't I read about this dance card once before? Oh wait, that was in the 1970's. And some say history doesn't repeat itself. . .

    No real idea what started this one. But I'll agree with Lukie: "Ooh, fire!"

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    I'm surprised Kent State is still going, might as well shut that school down to all the shit that has gone on there and will keep going on there. Anyways I'm sorry that your located so close to such a good school with crappy students.

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    The people can't really help it. Their veins are so full of hormones their regular neurotransmitters are completely blocked away and simply ignored, turning them into the true filthy animals humans really are. Morals, laws and a feeling of rightfulness means nothing to humans who are no longer fully concious of the consequences of their own actions. For some folks, a bit of alcohol and some anger is enough to unleash whatever insanity they have inside them.

    The reason it's especially men has to be pretty clear after knowing the above. Testosterone acts on the brain in a way oestrogen and progesterone cannot.

    Anyway, I think fire is fun. Putting other people's stuff on fire is less fun. Riots seem to have become a part of this pathetic society where violence gets more and more tolerated. It all starts with yourself, though. If you've never stopped a fight in your whole life, even if it was just a little one, you either live in a quiet area or you're contributing to the problem

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    Butterfly Mage


    I forget what movie it was from, but the hero summed it up well: "Humans are smart, humanity is really dumb!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post

    Why drink in the first place?
    Why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    Because they're intoxicated and can't think straight.
    Actually I believe that's wrong, I think it's more like, "Hey, I'm drunk, now I can make a total ass of myself and I can blame it on being drunk."

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