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Thread: Good news, everyone!

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    Default Good news, everyone!

    The snow is finaly gone! I took a look out the window this morning and that big pile of snow has finaly melted away. It's still cold outside, barely reaching 5 degrees, but at least I don't have to look at that horrible snow anymore.


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    Heh... Ours has been gone for weeks, and it's 90 degrees outside right now. Crazy hot for April.

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    Woohoo, it's rediculously hot out and the snow's been gone for a while.

    Good news everyone! You're all going on a very dangerous possibly deadly mission!

    (I <3 Futurama. =D)

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    When you live in Floida especialy the I-4 cordoor it is summer all year round execpt a few weeks out of the year were we go below 32*. It was 91* Friday and I got severly dehydrated while walking home.

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    I've still seen some snow up in the mountains 3 weeks ago..they still had a few inches left. However, I'm pretty sure it has melted by now, since we've had nice spring/summer weather in those three weeks since I've been there.


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    Our snow melted a few weeks ago, though there is still some on the hill (~150m higher than us) but this being Scotland that's just been replaced with wind and rain . That said it did reach 16C the other day (excuse to take off jacket, and yeah that happens here - temperature goes into double, non-negative figures and everyone's in T-shirts and shorts)

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    It has been in the mid 80s here in Fort Wayne for the last 3 days. But it is expected to drop back down to the mid 60s by midweek.

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    Cold? Snow? What are you talking about? It's over 80 degrees here. You must be on some other planet.

    The hot weather is kinda annoying, but I think I honestly prefer it to freezing weather. Cold weather is okay sometimes, but it was becoming extremely annoying.

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