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Thread: shamwow diaper!

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    Default shamwow diaper!

    has it been done before?

    I'm just sitting here thinking of what can be used as a soaker in a cloth diaper I'm making......

    and it hit me! Any thoughts concerns?

    PS " All I can say is SHAM WOW!!!!!!!!!111!!!111one111"

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    They absorb about the same as terry cloth, the problem is that once they are full, they really just wick the water off... They also will lose the water when pressure is applied... So don't sit down...

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    XD, I really wasn't expecting a "real" answer, but thank you!D
    I thought of it, and all I could do was laugh, imagining the guy from the commercials.

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    This thread is useless without Vince...

    And one of after he was arrested. Amazing what a little makeup will do.

    On topic... No, haven't tried using one as a diaper before. I do have a "super shammy", and I might give it a try now that this thread has piqued my interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEJay View Post

    "You'll be saying "ow" every time I punch you in the face"

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    I was very surprised to find out he's 40, also his make up artists do a great job. Anyways even after he beat up a hooker (for biting his tongue BTW) I still love his ad's. The guy is clearly the next Billy Mays.

    Anyways right now they are selling Shamwow's in Costco, I was pretty surprised to see a demo going on there. Now they just got a video display of the Vince looped over and over.

    Also "Your' Gonna Love My Nuts!" :P

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    Hmmm... I heard about this guy. Was he in any other ads or shows? Or was he just in that freakishly annoying commercial? How did he get so popular after beating up the hooker? That happens all the time!

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