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Thread: your life style?

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    Default your life style?

    What type of future life style do you want to live? Maybe a simple one? Live on a farm or a small condo in the city? Or do you want to experience the other half, living a life style befitting a French Monarch?

    Me...I want the monarch type life. What about the rest of you?

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    I want to live in a house much like the one I am in so I'll either keep this house or buy one up in Oregon. The latter is more tempting if I keep a career in the Navy if I ever get into that.

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    That's a tough question because I want to live so many different lifestyles. I want to live in an apartment in LA for the nightlife. I want to own a house in a california suburb on a hill. I want to live in a mansion in the BC mountains. I want to live in downtown Vancouver. I want to live in Amsterdam, Italy, a small town in France's wine country. I want a house on the coast of spain. I want to live in rural Africa. I want to live on island time in Tonga, with nothing but a hammock tied up between two coconut trees. Maybe be self-sufficient for a bit.

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    I want to purchase some land on an island in Lake Winnipesaukee and build my own house, completely off the grid. Eco-block (concrete filled styrofoam forms) construction, geothermal heat/ac, and solar electricity. Ideally the house would be efficient enough that I would create a net positive of energy, giving back to the grid, and get a monthly kickback from the power company.

    I'd have to build or buy a hovercraft for getting back and forth around ice-in and ice-out, but the cost differential compared to buying on the mainland would be worth it. You can't buy anything on the lake for less than a mil. nowadays, and island lots are still going for as little as $200k.

    I've got a family friend that does this already (with the exception of gas lighting and fridge instead of electric), and he couldn't be happier. His costs of ownership are nil compared to a conventional home, and he has the lake at his front door.

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    Just want to live the life of the upper middle class. Marry my bf and adopt a kid or two. Have a house in the suberbs slightly bigger then the normal houses on the block and drive a nice car.

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    I'm not completely sure about everything. I just want the privacy I don't have now, but I don't want to live alone either. I hope to eventually meet a girl that can accept me for who I am. I'm unsure of whether I want kids though. It would be kinda cool, but it would kinda suck. (It is, of course, a very big responsibility as well.) I'd probably be happier without them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If I could have any kind of living arrangement I wanted, here's how it would be:

    First and foremost, I'd like my partner and I to have a legally-recognized civil union.

    Beyond that, my ideal living arrangement would be for a relatively small, stone house that sat on a decent patch of land. I'd like the land to be thick with trees and to have a narrow cobblestone path that wound through the peopeety so I could take a walk and see the trees.

    I'd like a solar array on the roof and a wind turbine as a means of minimizing my connection to industrial power.

    Finally, I'd like to have a small clearing in the middle of the wooded section dedicated for Wiccan rituals and High Rites. I'd put up a small circle of stones, four braziers oriented in the compass directions, and a stone altar in the middle. There would be enough space for a coven (13 people). But I could go there to pray and meditate too.

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    Wherever life takes me.

    Assuming we don't all die in 2012...

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    I would love to live in a small town in north-central Ohio in my grandma's house and maybe one day raise a family. That's been my dream for a while. But, I keep striking out with the girls. LOL. Oh well. That's a dream of mine.

    Have a family some day.


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