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Thread: Any advice for buying breast forms?

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    Default Any advice for buying breast forms?

    I was thinking of getting my first pair of breast forms, but i have no idea what size or type to get. I honestly don't think i have a proper sized bra so any sort of direction would be most appreciated!

    This is what i'm currently looking at and would like to keep the pair under 75.00 usd.

    Breast Forms

    Thank you all so very much!!

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    I ordered my first pair from Amazon and they were supposed to get here today but they got delayed by inclement weather. It seems if you can afford it the best thing to do would to get fitted in person. Here in NYC there are at least 3 shops that cater directly to CDs.

    This is what I ordered:
    Sotica Water Drop Shape Silicone Breast Form For Crossdresser Mastectomy C Cup

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    Unfortunately I can't seem to find any store like that near me. There's a Victoria secret closeish and I know CD have gone before, but I'm skeptical due to my state. How did you decide on a C instead of a B or D? What about the brand is there anything beyond price and rating that helped you determine Sotica?

    Hopefully yours come in soon so that you can provide a review!

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    For a balanced realistic aesthetic looking look - you can't just use twin bullet cone shape forms.
    If you are petite in frame or even that lady that sings in the opera with the roBUST form a proper
    fitting is necessary or a whole lot of trial and error (mostly error) trying to get it to look right.
    Determining your BRA size is critical to pulling this effect off. Do you know your BRA size and
    if not how to get it or be measured for it ? At that point then you can figure how to fill those voided
    frontal chambers. You really don't want to pull this off looking like a cartoon character unless doing
    it as spoof for Halloween or a Mardi Gras party in that case may as well go cheap and use water
    filled balloons. Foam rubber or similar does not weigh the same as human tissue and water is
    way too heavy.
    The previous post by AbdlBrian is one good source to look and start with - Ebay is another perhaps
    less expensive but frought with shipping & handling & returning (if possible) problems.

    Browsing the internet is a cheap interesting way to get all the information you may need.

    Good Luck

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    Another good site for advice is I belong to this site.

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    Here are a couple sites I read for breast form and bra advice:

    Transgender Breast Form Tips:

    The Top 7 Bra Styles Every Crossdresser and MTF Transgender Woman Should Own:

    Your 7 Biggest Bra Problems Solved! (For Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women):

    The breast forms I ordered from Amazon only cost $37 and they're pretty nice. I plan on saving up to go get properly fitted though because I'm just slightly irked when the spacing between the breasts doesn't feel exactly right. Sotica Water Drop Shape Silicone Breast Form For Crossdresser Mastectomy C Cup

    The pocket bra I ordered from Amazon is really nice: Intimate Portal Women Gardenia Lace Pocketed Bralette No Wire Leisure Pocketed Bra Pink 34D 36B 36C 38A

    The pocket bra I'm ordering next is from the same designer but this one has a zipper on the front making it much easier to put on: Intimate Portal Melody Front Close Bra No Wires Pocketed Bra

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