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Thread: pull ups or pampers cruisers size 7?

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    Default pull ups or pampers cruisers size 7?

    just out of wonderin what do you guys think is a better diaper? and whitch one is bigger, i dont know much about what diapers are good and whats not yet xD haha

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    Although pampers are more babyish, I would have to opt for goodnights or underjams(they are technically pull-ups). Those are made more for 14 year olds, so those will better contain wetting.

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    i got 15 bucks to spend haha can that get me good nites or underjams? or can i only offord pull ups or pampers cruisers size6-7

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    one more question what would be better if i only had a choice between 3 things pampers cruisers size 6, pampers size 7 or pampers pull ups whitch one is the best fit i was thinking size 6 or 7 but i might be wrong >.>

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    Of those, the 6 or 7 are the most likely. But do look for the goodnites or underjams. In my local supermarket the UJ are on sale for 10 bucks. They come in 2 sizes, the smaller are about right for a 6 or 7 user and the larger for bigger bodies.

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    size is a factor. I can't fit in Pampers Cruisers Size 6 (barely) but can fit into 4t-5t pullups. I would personally recommend goodnites which for my size (30-32 waist) are 11.99 USD regular price at the local market. Pullups can work too as they retain that babyish feeling that goodnites lack but can have size and remedial effectiveness in holding up (1-2 wetting without flooding). If it was between Cruisers and Pullups, I would recommend personally Pullups because they are easy to get unlike size 7 pampers in my supermarket.

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