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Thread: Analize my dream?

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    Default Analize my dream?

    Okay I figured I'd explain this dream to the most open minded audience I could think of. I was reluctant to tell my girlfriend; I was unable to.

    There is this boy from the buisness the State Leadership Con (was a weekend away) we got really friendly. He told me he was gay(and im a girl making my dream illogical). Hes a really cool guy,very nice and funny. That was in March and I havent talked to him sense then.

    Now a few nights ago I had a dream about him. We were hugging and kissing at the National Leadership Cono (in Texas happening in a few weeks). The next thing I know his pants are off...but there is no penis. He has a vigina... that was it

    I woke horrified and confused. I am a bisexual and I have been dating the girl of my dreams for almost a year now... I was unable to talk about this with any of my close friends

    so 1. what are your thoughts?
    2. what do you think it means?
    3. should I tell my girlfriend?

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    So you are a bisexual girl who is afraid to tell her girlfriend, the girl of her dreams, that you met a charming gay man and had a dream about getting intimate with him, but the incongruity of him having a vagina woke you up.

    I think you had this dream because you liked him a lot, and your dream helped you experience these feelings before you could make any judgment about it. As a bisexual, you consider both sexes attractive, correct? If so, then you did not shut him out of your mind as a potential partner (despite already having one...these thoughts happen more often than not). Since you liked him, you had this dream. But when it came time for the sexual aspect, you saw a vagina instead of a penis. I may be wrong, but that may indicate that you wished he were actually a girl, or you are more attracted to vaginas than you are to penises, or that you were comparing your girlfriend to him.

    Since you decided to share your dream and ask for thoughts, I feel an obligation to tell you what I gathered from it. I'm not attempting to imply that you don't love your girlfriend or that you would stray. Consider these points, but don't assume I have the answer :P

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    I think it's a dream and as such not particularly important, although occasionally interesting. People dream all kinds of crazy stuff (just look at recent threads on the subject). I wouldn't mention it to your girlfriend as the content is potentially hurtful, even if it's just random stuff from your short-term memory getting shuffled around.

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    thanks for the input lol

    im on new sleeping meds so idk :\

    edit: the wierdest part is hes gay and taken
    AND we dont talk to eachother much
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    Dreams can be very complex things it could be your subconscious trying to work through something. You might be attracted to him unconsciously. But I'd say it's just a random dream ignore it for now. If the dream persists and it still bothers you talk to a professional. (Freud would more than likely have a field day with that dream.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousitykitten View Post
    thanks for the input lol

    im on new sleeping meds so idk :\

    edit: the wierdest part is hes gay and taken
    AND we dont talk to eachother much
    Humans have an incredible desire for what they know they can't have. Pick-up artist theory.

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    okay this is the dream i had LAST night


    John Colbert(if you don't know who this is youtube not a HUGE fan but i watch it when i cant sleep) was teaching my class(well mord like a congregation in the hall)

    well the topic he was teaching about was the meat all the sudden my poor girlfriend is throwing up in a trash can. I grab her hair and pat her back as it happens. Now in real life im very squeamish. Anyway, she finishes and noone cares. The bizare part is the trash was right there and the janitor conviently rolls it away. I ask if shes okay and shes peachy keen and content.

    Later I pass to a different class and wonder if shes okay or she got sick again...

    im not sure if this means anything because im bullemic in real life and I have been a vegiterian before

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