I feel that my wanting diapers and the reawakening of my DL side co-insided with the developing urge IC I'm dealing with. (Little to no warning before the flood or smaller squirts.) So my return to diapers was for both comfort and need. My IC was already becoming an issue.

Before my wife started her current job, I had SSI/SSD and decent enough insurance. I would get some really substandard Prevail ProCare diapers. The were free and I just used them for the daytime use but they were terrible diapers. We'd try to get better diapers for nighttime but there were a lot of mornings where I had to wear the crappy diapers overnight and my bed pad would be soaked. But I still had some diapers that would function--though I needed a lot of changes.

Now we have "better" insurance but it only gives me a tiny credit to use at one place every quarter and again, the diapers offered look to be quite substandard and I wouldn't get enough to fill my needs. So now diapers are an out-of-pocket expense and right now I'm using the credit to get more washable pads to sleep on.

Being diapered 24/7 is expensive which is terrible if you really need the protection. You also have to rely on online vendors unless you are actually lucky enough to live near a store that carries decent diapers. My local selection is quite limited and a lot of stores only carry pull-ups--the "best" pull-ups I can find locally are the Depends brand but I really don't like pull-ups.

Right now I order diapers twice a month through Amazon when my wife gets paid and that seems to be working but she has a good job right now. But we also lost income when my SSI evaporated along with the state covering the premium for my (Part B?) premium.

However, I still have to get diapers and it is not something that I can put aside until I can afford another bag or case. This is where being just a DL would be much better.

A little of the magic of diapers has worn but I do have to admit that I still get a tingle of pleasure when I unfold a diaper and get ready to put it on.