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Thread: Abri-Delta L3 & L2

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    Default Abri-Delta L3 & L2

    Has anyone tried or read anything about the
    Abena Abri-Delta L3 and L2 diaper line?

    I just stumbled upon them and curious how they might compare to the X Plus and the Supers on the Abri-form side.

    Love to hear from y'all

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    I've only found one or two links with limited information

    Delta Form

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    Just looking at the page, it might be an Australia- New Zealand specific product. They do appear to be quite absorbent, though. (Delta-Form Large L3 3600ml)

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    Yeah - it looks like they hold 3600ML - KCKMedical appears to be carrying them

    Although the medium Abri-form X Plus also holds 3600ML so it looks like the only difference is packaging & color - as the Delta appears to come in various shades of green vs the Abri-form white.

    The Large XPlus is listed at holding 4000ML which would be a greater than either the medium XP or the Large Delta.


    wonder what they're like...if anyone's used em I'd love to hear.

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    I don't use the L-line but the M2. Remember the Abri Plus before they became the white/blue striped design? For me the perfect day diaper. Perfect fit and quiet plastic. Soft and no leakage. That's what the Delta M2 are now. Basically the same diaper, slight change in cut (I had an old Abri Plus and compared). The change was for me for the better. So, go for it, if you need a everyday diaper, without the crinkle, but with plastic covering. I love it!!!

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    How is the cut different?

    Is the plus the same thing as the super or is it a level below the super?

    Do you know how many ML it holds?


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