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Thread: Star Wars, The Last Jedi- WARNING: Spoiler Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePenguinLover View Post
    I've heard that movie was legit terrible. True or no?
    From a certain point of view

    Nah it was pretty bad. Apart from Rogue One which was a good gritty sci-fi movie most Star Wars is a little cheese and grand heroics, this one just barely had the heroics to balance it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amperedragon View Post
    After I saw the movie opening weekend, my initial response was that I enjoyed the film very much but also disagreed with pretty much every creative decision that went into it. I went back a couple weeks later for a second viewing, and since then I've come to the conclusion that there are simply two Star Wars: Lucas Star Wars and Disney Star Wars. There's nothing wrong with enjoying both, but it is necessary to accept that Disney's films are made primarily for entertainment value, with little focus on ensuring that everything lines up well within the universe and an emphasis on different things than what Lucas cared about. It's clear that there isn't much investment in staying true to the larger Star Wars universe and Disney simply wants to use the franchise as a reliable source of income.

    So, evaluated independently from the rest of the franchise, The Last Jedi is a good, but not exceptional, movie that is largely entertaining and brings more new ideas to the table than The Force Awakens did. Evaluated as part of the whole franchise, however, it is probably the most disappointing episode story-wise (the prequels all had good stories, they just weren't made well) and it has a lot of elements that don't fit well with previously established canon. It's a good movie, but it isn't a good Star Wars movie.
    Yeah pretty much this.

    Actually another way to look at it is... just think of it as an unofficial reboot!

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