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Thread: Taliban closes within 70 miles of Islamabad.

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    Default Taliban closes within 70 miles of Islamabad.

    Taliban Move Closer to Islamabad -

    Well this sucks. A nation with over 50 nuclear weapons came close to having it's capital occupied by a bunch of Islamic extremists bent on the destruction of the west etc etc etc. Although Taliban forces have pulled back, the very fact that they go so close to Islamabad demonstrates the weakness of the Pakistani government and the strength of the Taliban and allies in Pakistan.

    Considering that the US has 50,000 troops just across the boarder, any compromise of nuclear control would be very bad. So, hypothetically, if the Government of Pakistan falls, and nuclear control is lost, what options are on the table?

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    Historically, we move to neutralize their capabilities before they can gain full control of them in an all out airstrike. If Pakistan was smart, it'd use its nukes on its own country right now. Letting the Taliban take over is one of those "fates worse than death", in my opinion, and they really must be stopped at all costs.

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    My assumption would be the usa has plans to take out any nukes if it looks like the pakistani government is failing though the risk there is that pakistan has nukes hidden that the usa doesn't know about.

    As for using them on the country that would likely be innefective. The taliban isn't going to have any massed forces or arms. Nuking them would be like using a 10 ton brick to kill a few ants... all it would do would be piss them off more, kill millions of innocents and the gov't would still fail.

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    I'd be more concerned If we knew their delivery systems. If they have ICBMs, we may be in a spot of trouble.

    If all they have are bombers, we could probably stop them.

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    Pakistan is mostly concerned with its rival, India. They aren't really concerned about attacking or protecting against anyone else. To this end, thir missiles are mostly short-ranged deals.

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    My major concern is once taliban get nukes they can be gotten almost anywheres via shipping containers. Odds of it getting caught even with port screening etc. are slim and even if you did catch it the terrorists would detonate it there and take out a major port in india, the usa or anywheres else in the world.

    ICBM or even missile threat in general is over rated. Far simpler to just carry the bomb into the area to attack.

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    The Taliban and Al Qaeda are not identical. The Taliban are not terrorists bent on the destruction of Western civilization and the production of a global Islamic caliphate, but they are willing to harbour people who are.

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    But they do want to kick US and NATO troops out of Afghanistan. Threat of nuclear warfare would give NATO pause.

    Beyond what the Taliban would do with nuclear weapons, there is also that distinct possibility that Al Qaeda and related organizations would receive nuclear materials from the Taliban, should a breach of nuclear control occur. I'm not so much concerned about the Taliban attacking the US proper, but 70,000 US troops makes an awful valuable target.

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    I wouldn't be so worried about nuclear weapons... I would be worried about them using the nuclear material to make "dirty bombs" and irradiate large areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    So, hypothetically, if the Government of Pakistan falls, and nuclear control is lost, what options are on the table?
    We send in Jack Bauer. What else?

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