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Thread: Disc Read Error

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    Default Disc Read Error

    Ok here is my 360 ( brand new Red Elite ) is giving me disc read errors with FFXI and No other game. I even got a brand new FFXI disc and same error....any help or ideas?

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    Sounds like you may have a flaky laser in your Xbox that may not be quite as strong as it should be. Or they just didn't print that disc as well as they should have. Bad production methods, maybe. Even if the disc is readable in another machine, it may be marginal.

    I got it for PC, and their quality control in general was terrible on it (absolutely refused to work right on my system, and mine exceeded recommendations). Note that if you haven't played FFXI before, don't get your hopes up. I personally found it to be sub-par in terms of quality and after fighting to get it work (and briefly getting the graphics to show uncorrupted for about 5 minutes) for several hours, I canceled my account, uninstalled it, and trashed it.

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    Brand New Red Elite 360 ., and ...Reads ALL other games, dvds, and cds.

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    Probably a marginal disc, then. I got a bad Mechwarrior 4 disc like that for PC once. Worked in some drives but not others.

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    So i gotta exchange for a 3rd new disc now ?

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    Yeah, and I recommend you try to get one from a different batch, if at all possible. If you don't already like FFXI, though, my advice would be to pass on this game. It's really, really bad. Even a lot of Final Fantasy lovers agree with that.

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    I loved XI and its the only MMO I can play

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    It's probably a combination. Chances are your new Xbox's laser isn't quite as strong as most others. Everything else may work just fine, or not. But it doesn't at all surprise me that the FFXI disc would give you trouble. As old as that game is, they're not exactly paying for premium production. See if you can get a better disc.

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    Doesn't matter if it's brand new or old. If it was made poorly, it's going to be harder for the laser to read it.

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