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Thread: Odd Dream Thread

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Odd Dream Thread

    I know that not everyone remembers their dreams. I usually do. Sometimes they are really interesting! So I figured I'd start a thread where people could post some of their interesting/weird dreams.


    I had a really odd one a couple days ago:

    In the dream, a mining company had discovered a rift in the fabric of space that was apparently created by a race of powerful beings that have once visited the world but now were long gone. The rift was such that there were these enclosed ladders inside metal tubes. When you crawled down the ladders, you could move inbetween worlds. The nature of the rift was that there were a vast number of three-dimensional realms all sort of stacked on top of each other. Ordinarily you could only see the normal 3D universe, but when you were in the ladder-tubes, you could see that the real universe has more than three spatial dimensions and what we percieve as 3D is kinda flat.

    So there was no gravity in the tubes either, which is why the ladder rungs were required.

    Anyway, the mining company was charging *admission* for people to visit the first few worlds beneath our own. The thing I remember most distictly about the one directly beneath our own was that the people there all had these blue stones that produced some sort of energy that powered all their technology. They were taller and had thicker hair than garden-variety humans, but otherwise looked human enough.

    For some reason, I was supposed to find a certain female cello player who was gifted in mathematics and she was supposed to be able to tell me how the rift system worked. Unfortunately, I found her cello but not her. Oh well.

    I snuck into the mine after hours and dove into the tube since I wanted to see more than what was on the paid tour. After a long, long, long descent, I emerged at the very last world. It was a barren, starless world. The sun had burned out eons ago and everything was grey. Maybe this was where the rift creators originally lived, but I could not be sure. The world had been barren and lifeless so long that all that remained was grey dust. I didn't wander around this place. For some reason, I feared that if I left the threshhold of the rift that I would be marooned in that barren, empty place.

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    I had a dream that Robbin Williams was in my house, cept I didn't know where. I ran all over my house looking for him, but when I came back upstairs my brother told me he had already left.

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    Butterfly Mage



    Usually the only celebrity that shows up in my dreams on a regular basis is Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek). Of course, I am sort of a sci-fi nerd, har har.

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    Last night I had a dream that my Ford Pickup truck was angry and it came back from the junkyard all crushed into a cube and ate my Geo Metro...

    I woke up jumpy from that dream and had an urge to check on my car.. good thing I did because I had left my Hi-Beams on... and the battery was near death... Had to charge for 3 hours before I got anywhere today..

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    Butterfly Mage


    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post
    Last night I had a dream that my Ford Pickup truck was angry and it came back from the junkyard all crushed into a cube and ate my Geo Metro...

    I woke up jumpy from that dream and had an urge to check on my car.. good thing I did because I had left my Hi-Beams on... and the battery was near death... Had to charge for 3 hours before I got anywhere today..
    Neat imagery! It sounds like your subconscious mind somehow knew that you had left the lights on and created a dream to urge you to check on your car. That's pretty cool.

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    This happened a couple days ago: I had a dream that was just a disembodied voice saying, "Check your clock, jim!" No visuals or anything, just that creepy voice repeating that one phrase. This bugged me so much I woke up and immediately checked my alarm clock. It was off. The power bar it was hooked up to mustve crapped out halfway through the night. It's a good thing I woke up, I thought, otherwise I would have missed my 6:55 wake up alarm and been late for school. The clock has this great feature where it continues to keep time in the event of a power failure, so I was alright. I plugged the clock directly into the outlet.

    (this is the part where it gets amazing)

    At that exact second, two things happened. The display turned on and read 6:55. And my 6:55 alarm started blaring. If I had slept just one more minute or woken up one minute early, that wouldn't have happened. Very strange dream but very useful.

    I managed to get to school without any further alarm clock incidents.

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    I've had various wierd ass dreams - technically I should be posting on this thread everyday. Right now I really can't be arsed typing out a huge story (doing an english essay right now ) But I have had several dreams like chillhouse's above, being that I am asleep and I just picture my clock, I then wake up, turn round look at my clock and it's the EXACT time I just pictured, like to the second, very very strange.

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    Weird dream I had recently:

    I was in space, flying a small space ship. Something was destroying the universe, these small flying (through space, air) monsters. These things fly in swarms and kill everything, and multiply until they've filled the entire universe and are the only living things left.

    Fortunately there is a massive spaceship that's totally secure, in which lots of people live. There lives the King, who is bloody massive. His head is the size of my spaceship!

    Anyway, I'm allowed to fly into this massive spaceship because I'm carrying some important cargo, which is good for me because I want in, and the doors of the big spaceship wouldn't usually open (what with the constant swarm threat).

    The doors open and I fly in. A swarm is casing me, but they are quite behind me and the doors start to close.
    The massive King starts to say something like "that was close!", but mid sentence he is cut off by a swarm of these creatures tearing him apart. This is really disturbing.

    The creatures start killing everything else, and my spaceship crashes, and I climb out.

    Then, -get this-, the King's massive head, now without a body, starts rolling downhill and I have to run from it! Like a 2D game.

    I escape through the air vents, and get into a totally secure room that's safe, and is housing only 5 other people.

    20 years later, we deem it safe to leave.

    The monsters have indeed gone, possibly wiped out. But the spaceship's corridors (think Alien) are covered in barbed wire.

    Turns out that we're being hunting by a crazy Jew. (Yes...)

    The story goes (we're told this by the Jew before she starts chasing us) that she escaped the monsters years ago, went mad, and got sent to a Jewish mental hospital in space. She stayed mad, but got converted.

    So we run away, through the barbed wire, being cased by this mental Jew.

    And that was it.

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    Chillhouse, things like that happened to me also...

    But for some reason I get dancing sticks of butter in the shape of numerals on a clock...

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