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    Hi guys, Iíve moved in with my mom and grandmother who is 91 fixing to be 92 in March, to help take care of her. My diaper wearing, and a little bit a of my little side my mom knows about and is cool with it. My grandmother on the other hand does not know and would DEFINITELY not approve of either and is nosey as hell. So having a package of diapers come to the house is out of the question. The stores I can get to without a car are Walmart, Walgreens, cvs, Target and for all of us Floridians , Publix. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks and stay padded and happy.

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    Have you looked into certain corner stores taking deliverys? They do around here.

    Also amazon, unsure if they do it in your location but they have a locker service in which they deliver to there and you get a code for the parcel, it is a free service too with prime!

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    You could always have Fedex or UPS hold the package so you could pick it up. I used to do this when I lived in an apartment. Going to Fedex was easier then picking it up from the office thanks to their minimal office hours.

    I'm not sure if it works for your situation but its an option. Fedex never charged me and I've never had UPS hold a package.

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    Closest hubs for FedEx and UPS is 30 mi away

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    In a pinch I've used the Walgreen's "Certainty" brand fitted briefs and found them to work surprisingly well. They seem to run true to the sizes listed on the package and although they don't have leak guards they have pretty good leg elastics and the velcro type tabs are very, very strong and can be refastened several times. They don't have a lot of SAP (but there is some) so they wick fairly well, and since these diapers are quite wide and thick at the crotch there's a good bit of capacity. I live in Florida too so I like the full cloth sides which are a lot cooler for me. For sure these aren't premium diapers, not by a long shot, but they will take several full wettings for sure. They're reasonably priced and can often be found on sale where you get 50% off on a second pack, so actually they can be very cost effective.

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    Thanks for the info. Iíve used those myself, and am impressed by them. Too bad you canít get plastic backed in stores anymore. I like those better than cloth, but I guess beggars canít be choosy. Lol

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    I've looked in stores and never found a good diaper for the ABDL in me. I agree with others, look for a different delivery location.

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    Forget major store brands. They are all junk. Look for medical supply stores near you. They often carry at least semi-decent diaper which you can use in a pinch.

    Also, look into signing up for fedex's delivery manager, and/or get a mailbox address that can accept packages. This way you can be sure where and when it arrives.

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    Currently using CVS Fitted Briefs. It's not great but not bad unless you just totally flood it all at once. It's not super quick to absorb heavy flow.

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    May I remind us again that Staples can ship-to-store and do in-store-pickup of Molycare. Just go to their web site and search for "molycare".

    It's probably the best diaper you can get on local pickup unless you want to shop around at the local medical outlet stores.

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