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    Well, we all know that there is a million and one uses for them, but I just came up with a great one! If you have wet diapers that need tossing, but for whatever reason you can't just then (for me, I have super nosy parents and need to wait until they're at work garbage day to put them out or else they may search the trash), ball up the diaper and wrap it tightly in a plastic bag with a bounce dryer sheet. Then, hide this bag (I use an old torn backpack to even further contain smells). ...not recommended for messy diapers...

    Not sure if it will work, but I'm thinking baking soda may also help eliminate odors somewhat. Works in the fridge!


    Edit: I just realised that this should probably be in the Diaper Talk forum, not here. If any mod wants to move it, be my guest

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    Wow...Very smart. That's so true. Those Bounce sheets would cover the smell extremely well.

    Nicely done.


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