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Thread: Got Mark Levin's new book "Liberty and Tyranny" today

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    Default Got Mark Levin's new book "Liberty and Tyranny" today

    Well... I haven't read more than a chapter and a half of the book... But so far the book is really interesting, educating, and I can't put it down...

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    At first I read Mark Twain for some reason, which had me puzzled. Seeing as he's kind of dead and all.

    Reading up on the book on Amazon, I realize that what this guy is writing about is probably the opposite of what I believe in. Which in itself could make it a good read. If an opportunity presents itself I might give it a chance, but my "to read" list is pretty full right now.

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    I really hate the man who wrote the book. Maybe not the guy himself, but the person he puts out on his radio show. Honestly, he's changed my dad from a quiet likable person to a loud-ass jerk who is always telling everyone about how Obama is a communist or some retarded crap like that. I'm going to try and read the book (since he bought the stupid thing) but chances are I'm going to be too annoyed by his voice (the literary term) to read more than a few chapters.

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    I'm not a fan of Mark Levin, he's in the same vein as Rush Limbaugh. A kind of real life forum troll.

    My problem with social conservatives is that they brand themselves as defenders of freedom when social/religious conservatism is generally incompatible with that goal (as we saw during the Bush years).

    You might want to check out Ron Paul's newer books if you haven't already. He's a constitutionalist/libertarian, but not a social conservative. I found his work to be very interesting and it gave my some new perspectives. Ron Paul's brand of republicanism is a bit too libertarian for my tastes, but I think social liberalism/fiscal conservatism is the general direction the republican party needs to go to be competitive again.
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    I hate the media in general. Everything transmitted on the radio and television has been spun some way. Mark Levin really pisses me off. Still, no reason not to read the book... But as far as Anti-Obama stuff, I always search for more balanced authors... Mark Levin hates Obama on the principle that he is not a Conservative.

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