View Poll Results: Please describe what happened after you told your menthal health professional about your AB/TB/DL/Si

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  • A plan of action was made to correct the perceived issue.

    7 12.73%
  • The professional conceded that it is healthy or otherwise beneficial to you to continue it.

    13 23.64%
  • No great concern was made and it was not discussed again.

    9 16.36%
  • I have chosen not to tell my professional.

    26 47.27%
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Thread: What did your mental health professional say?

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    Default What did your mental health professional say?

    I'm looking to see what the common responses were from mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) when you told them about your AB/DL/TB/Sissy-isms.

    After you vote, please post a little bit about the experience and how much you had chosen to tell the person about.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've been in therapy for dissociative identity disorder (DID) for over a decade. I did tell my counselor about the whole DL thing. But she basically thought it was such a low priority compared to the psychological train wreck of DID that the topic hasn't come up again after it was discussed once.

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    No option for those who have never gone...I feel that I don't need a therapist/psychologist, so I wouldn't tell

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    Why tell someone like that? If you're there for some other problem, i'd rather not bring up a new one. >.>

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    I told my psychologist and he thought it was neat, he'd never heard of it before and it gave him something new to learn about. He took a midline approach to it really. We talked about it just about every visit, but it was neither good nor bad, just another part of me.

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    I chose "No great concern was made and it was not discussed again". That statement does not quite fit. He is not concerned but we do discuss or at least mention it once in a while. While I say "It just feels good" he prefers to think it connects me to a time when my parents cared for and took care of me. They did neither soon after I was out of diapers.


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    All of the ones I told 3, I think all took it rather well and said that it's normal, for me at least. I know the difference of using it the right way and just letting it overcome me. it's pretty much "letting your possessions own you" only in this case it's a fetish to some extent.

    So in other words keep it to maybe a few hours a week or at bedtime and you should be fine.

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    I actually did tell my therapist. That was actually the main reason i am currently seeing one. I do belive though, that the fact that i am a minor and my parent is the one who brought me in may have swayed her more to there side. I am no certain of this though. Though the way she said it to me is that there was a problem with my brain repeating or something along those lines. she belives that it was intended to be just a phase and can be cured by some pills. I have not recieved the pills but doubt theyll be helpfull. While I initially declined, i, in essence, have no option in the matter. I dont belive i got someone who actually wanted to understand it, but tried to cure it or help it.

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    I went to see a psychiatrist for several reason, diapers being one of them. This was when I was in college. He merely said I would outgrow it. He was wrong, but the other problems I had far outweighed the diapers. For one, I was borderline, I was going through a psychotic break, and I had tried to drown myself, so the diapers were meh.

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