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Thread: Babyfood

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    Yes I meant with other food

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    Once a day

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    Yes, once a day would be just fine. I'm not aware of any adverse health effects to eating baby food.

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    Since my tummy has been a little upset lately and since I have been thinking about purees since last night I decided to go ahead and make a semi-pureed dinner. I thought I would share it with everyone. Here is is and how I made it:

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    Upper right is 1 (1/2 cup) container peas and carrots (there were WAY more peas than carrots, just the way I like it), I get the ones by Libby's, it was thrown in the bullet blender drained at first and I added about 1/2 the liquid back to thin it out a bit, if you like it thicker either use less of the liquid or none at all and leave it more like a mash.

    The main dish in the center is 1 piece of grocery store fried chicken. I only pulsed this to take out any big chucks so you could still taste the chicken and the breading separately because if you really puree breaded foods the breading takes over and it just tastes like a salty mess.

    In the upper left was dessert. 1 (1/2 cup) container of pineapple cottage cheese, I highly recommend this one! I didn't have to add anything to this, just threw it into the bullet blender as is and it came out tasting just like a pineapple cheesecake but it's JUST low fat cottage cheese and pineapple. I get the single serve containers from Breakstone but just adding a couple of tbs of crushed pineapple to 1/3 cup low fat cottage cheese and blending would probably work the same way.

    Also in case anyone was wondering the plate is Finding Dory and the spoon is from a Minnie Mouse set (I can't always match everything) and my Nuk trainer cup which is nearly always at my side. This is my juice one, I have a separate 10oz one for milk that stays in the fridge until bedtime or when I first wake up, that one is Minnie mouse, I also have one I use specifically for orange juice because of the acid that is a much smaller 5oz Winnie the pooh one. My sippy is filled with 8 oz gatorade and filled the rest of the way to the top with water, this is my version of pedialyte due to stomach issues.

    Just thought some of you might like an example of home made AB food.

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    In short baby food is what people with broken jaws typically eat as the jaw is normally wired shut for several weeks. They are also regulated to a liquid diet. I see no adverse side effects as long as you continue to get your daily nutrition and amount of food for your body.

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    I tried some on a whim once.... never again!

    As many people have stated, actual baby food, the main-course, vegetable/protein based, mushy stuff for actual babies is absolutely ghastly. There's something about the sheer amount of nutrients and extra iron in it that makes it taste off and if it doesn't taste off, it tastes unremittingly bland.

    I've heard that the fruit based purees marketed as baby food are actually quite scrumptious, but I have yet to pick some up. Every time I go down the baby aisle at my local grocery stores and I pass the stuff, I get flashbacks to how bad it was when I tried it last.

    When I regress and want to have a baby snack or feel as though I'm eating or being fed baby food, I usually just go with apple sauce or some yogurt, same consistency, but much more delicious
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