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    Alright, I just got reading the Gender imbalance topic in the TB thread and it prompted me to write this...

    Why is it considered idk rude/embaressing/perverted/etc. to ask other people about their fetish(i realize getting way to personal here) but why is it that way?

    Also, is it considered impolite to ask someone their general position of fetishes, like asking a girl what they think about "comming out" online with their fetish( again, linking this back to the stated topic in the TB thread). Would that be considered rude or too personal to ask them their reasoning behind not comming out?

    Who do you think was the cause of blacklisting fetish talk as forbiden?

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    No I don't think this was the point coming across at all. It's really not accepted to ask questions when you first meet someone. Once you feel comfortable enough to talk is fine , some people might be touchy about the subject on a personal scale. Also girls ( or anyone really but I said girls as we tend to get this more) don't like creepers bombarding with questions.

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    It's personal. Usually anything personal is something you shouldn't ask, at least not until you know the person. I mean, asking someone about something sexual is about as personal as you can get. People would like to have at least some things to themselves and not out in the open.

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    Well it's one thing to ask that sort of question on a fetish-oriented website, but it's just kind of creepy and rude to ask that kind of thing. I'm sure it would be uncomfortable if a friend came up and asked me about my fetishes... Really?

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    If my VERY TRUSTWORTHY friend asked me about a fetish then I'd tell him my not-so-weird ones (like frilly dresses)

    If my GF asked, I'd tell her everything coz we've been together for 8 Months - it's only fair

    If a stranger, or even a not-so-close friend that wasn't on a fetish-related website, Then I'd say - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

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    I think it's very healthy to talk about fetishes... in the context of a stable, trusting relationship.

    At any other time, especially with people you don't know, then it's just weird.

    Now, I have no problem with the occassional drunken "sometimes my boyfriend ties me up and whips me" type conversation, but having a sane conversation with people you don't know just isn't right.

    Also, when people online just start randomly telling you about it, its WEIRD!!!! I don't know if it's because I'm a girl or what, but it's weiiiird!!!!

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    Run up to any random person on the street and ask them if they'd like to have sex with you.

    That's why.

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    I would say its icky and perverted because I always ask myself what would I do if I was asked about my fetish? To me, its like I would accept others' fetishes but would never conform to telling others about my own. Even at that fetishes are something personal that should be left at that to others. But that brings the topic of telling others about *b/dlism. Its a circular argument people!

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    It's not for me =D at least on the internet =P

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