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    Anyone else from here play games on Kongregate?

    I know Mezzy plays, and I just saw someone named Neonite, and I wonder if:

    a) Neonite on kongregate is Neonite here
    b) anyone else plays kongregate.

    If you do play, can I please has your username, and add you as a friend? (Mine's tinlv7)

    (Sorry for the 'redundant thread is redundant' but I dunno how else to say it. :3)
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    Should of posted a link to it. I r lazy XD

    EDIT: Their site is fucked up. I go to make account, name taken so I'm like maybe I signed up, nope username not found. I click register again, fill out the form and then there's no image verification or submit button. XD

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    I wasn't saying "register nao", I was saying "hey, does anyone else already frequent it?"

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    Well maybe I want to register XD.

    But their site hates me so I guess I'm not welcomed there

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    I'm suprised that I was noticed. :P
    I thought I was like, a nobody drifting on a log in the vast sea of users.

    And yeah. I am the Neonite on Kongregate. I go there from time to time. n.n;

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    Awesome game. That's where I noticed you -- it was like a 1 in ∞ chance ^__^

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    I play on Kongregate, but not enough to bother making an account there.

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