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Thread: Only able to use diapers? (#2 question)

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    Default Only able to use diapers? (#2 question)

    Hi, this is a #2 question, so I want to give the disclaimer up front, as I know many people here aren't fond of that. So, if you don't want to talk about that, Sorry, probably best to go back now.

    Still here? Ok, cool. So, here's my situation. I've been sleeping diapered, and then when I wake up, I take a few minutes to relax, and just let everything happen while I'm still comfy in bed. #1 and #2. Then once I'm all done, I'll go into the shower, clean up, and get ready for my day. After I'd been doing it for about a week, I decided to take a few days off, to cut the binge a bit, except I wasn't able to go #2. This was a little weird. So, for an experiment, I diapered up for bed last night, and sure enough, everything came out just fine.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I'm not sure if it's just the level of relaxation, or what the deal is.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is related, but since I've been using, I've noticed the consistency changed, and it's a lot softer now. No diet changes. Really weird.


    -- Thad.

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    It may have just been a coincidence. Occasional constipation is a fairly normal part of life. Your use of your diapers for #2 may just have become habitual for you, a kind of "signal" that tells your body (sphincter) to let go. I haven't had this problem, probably because I do not mess in my diapers much.

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    Your body can temporarily shut things like that down when the urge is not severe and it's not convenient. I'm sure most people know what I mean, you hold it for a while and after a while the urge goes away. But the longer you hold it, the denser and harder it gets as the body leeches more water from it. When you started to hold it, your body said, "Okay, not right now" and shut it off for a while. And since you'd been going regularly, you were already fairly cleaned out so it wasn't urgent.

    Be advised, however, that doing what you've been doing regularly will quickly cause you to become fecally incontinent. Not holding it, and allowing it to just come out will quickly degrade your control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyWolf View Post
    Be advised, however, that doing what you've been doing regularly will quickly cause you to become fecally incontinent. Not holding it, and allowing it to just come out will quickly degrade your control.
    Yeah, that's why I'm taking time off, and even when I do, it's only once in the morning before I get up. While I do want to train myself to be able to relax and just let it happen, I have no desire to untrain myself. The idea for me is more control, not less. But control means being able to let go as well as being able to hold on.

    Do you think once a day in the morning is still risking it?


    -- Thad

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    Doing it at the same time every day is bad. It will train your body to do it automatically at a specific time. Eventually, you may find a rather unpleasant surprise. Change up the times you do it, to ensure you still maintain control.

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    Doing #2 in diapers is far easier for me. I've always only been able to do #2 (in a toilet) when really relaxed at home anyway. Can never do it outside of my home.

    In diapers it happens pretty much automatically now. I don't push it or plan to go, it just happens when it needs to happen and comes out easy. It's an amazing experience really. Using a toilet I have to concentrate and push, and need to "brew it up" before!

    What bugs me though is wearing diapers I almost always have to do a #2 before I'm done. Feels great, nasty clean up.

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