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    I just registered online to take the ACT in June. Can any members who have already taken it tell me, what it's like, and how I can prepare xD

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    I haven't taken it, so I wish I could be more help, but might there be a study guide on line. Also, do they sell, Act for Dummies? There seems to be Dummy books for almost everything. ACT is well know, so I would think there must be something available out there to help you.

    OK, I went over to, and if you go to the book section and type in ACT test, a number of books come up which will prepare you for the test. I hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    OK, I went over to, and if you go to the book section and type in ACT test, a number of books come up which will prepare you for the test. I hope this helps.
    Thanks for your help dogboy *hugs*

    I think I might purchase one of the help books, either from barnes and noble or on amazon.

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    I'm not gonna be much help...

    My mother had to force me to take just the diagnostic test, which would tell me what to study... I ended up taking that the night before...

    Took the ACT the next day...

    I got a 32 out of 36 not counting writing.

    My advice: Brush up on your algebra and geometry, and make sure you know that little bit of Trig. (Math is what killed me. I haven't taken those classes in three years!)

    Edit: Thanks, secretdl26! And congrats to you! ^_^
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    I took the ACT last March and got 32 out of 36 (congrats to Mesmerale on the same score!)

    While I did not study much, an ACT prep book helped a lot and I focused on the core pieces in the test:

    For Math: Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry

    For Reading: Focus on being able to find grammatical errors and being able to recognize parts of a story (characters, mood, tone, focus of the author, etc.)

    For Writing: Don't worry too much about the essay, just pay attention to good grammar and make sure your essay has a clear focus and supports your overall message.

    For Science: Be able to accurately interpret the data they give you to analyze, as the questions are worded very confusingly!

    The best advice I can give you after taking the test is to not get stressed out, stay relaxed, and be confident in your answers.

    Good luck!

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    I took it a few weeks ago. It's not that bad. All you can do is prepare from what they provide online. Otherwise, I noticed that unlike the SAT, they hand everyone the exact same test, right down to the writing section and every last question.

    EDIT: On that note, I just got my score online. 29, putting me in the 94th percentile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thallis View Post
    TAKE THE PRACTICE TESTS! The more you take it, the better you do.
    To true. I knew just about everything on the act, but if I didn't prepair with the practice tests I would have failed. Reading would have been the worst for me, but practice tests helped with that. I can't read fast, so by taking the practice tests, I was able to find a way to absorbe enough of the information without spending all of my time reading the whole thing. It was very helpfull.

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