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Thread: Urgent Printer Help Needed- HP Photosmart C4500

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    Default Urgent Printer Help Needed- HP Photosmart C4500

    I have it connected by a network. It says it's connected, but my computer cannot recognize it. It was working fine, now all of a sudden it doesn't work. Please help.

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    Do you have all the drivers or the right program for it to run properly?

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    Have you tried turning everything (EVERYTHING) off wait 10 secs. and restarting ? that usually works for me (HP photosmart 2610). If not, you can find the network address that the printer is using under the setup menu display or print network settings, then force the computer by adding a new printer at that address using the wizard. You shouldn't have to do all of that though.

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    I've had trouble with my HP 1006 keeping its drivers in tact. I've had to re-install several times. When you do that, it actually asks for a repair, which I have said yes. It seems to have stuck this last time, so I would suggest that you try installing again, and repair the software.

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    Those photosmarts can be pesky. Disconnect the power cord for 30 seconds then plug it back in. Also check your print queue and delete any pending jobs or failed jobs. It's best to configure those printers with a fixed IP address and then add them as an IP printer rather than using the HP software to detect and install them.


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    I have an HP Officejet 6310 hooked upto a printserver hooked to a wireless router, and it is working perfectly fine. Try unistalling all drivers and reinstalling them see if it will pick it up then. If not

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