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    Default Happy Earth Day

    In honor of Earth Day, scientists have apparently found a nearly earth sized planet within the life zone.

    Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet - Yahoo! News

    Now if we can only get there to check it out.

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    Happy earth day....

    ::Turns on the A/C:: it's like 85 degrees here!

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    You don''t suppose they found the planet in case we have to flee to it because of pollution? What a twist on Earth Day that would be. Anyway, I'm all for going green. My wife left some chicken out on the counter all night, and then we ate it the next day. I was fully expecting to go "all green". It actually stayed down in both of us, though my wife was a little "green" today. *burp*

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    I didn't click the link, but not only did they find an Earth-sized planet, they also found a planet in the best position so far for being able to sustain life. Either way though, it's going to be a while to get there, let alone see if there actually is water

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    Happy Earth Day! I threw some of those plastic rings from a six-pack into the ocean to celebrate.

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