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Thread: Major problem, 2ghz down to 803mhz???

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    Default Major problem, 2ghz down to 803mhz???

    So, uninstalled Vista on my laptop and put XP Pro on it. I used the driver packs from ( and all works fine, but the resolution is a bit lower than it was in Vista and the computer thinks I've only got a 803mhz processor with 1gb of RAM. Now the computer is 2ghz with 1gb of RAM, any idea why it's saying it's lower, and it's even slow to

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    As laptops get newer, drivers for a 10 year old operating system are going to become harder to find. I would suggest reinstalling Windows Vista...

    Looks like you don't have the driver for your Graphics/Chipset installed.
    At this point, Windows Vista has almost no bugs that would cause problems. Vista is slow at first, but you need to give it time to ADJUST to you.

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    What kind of company would install Vista on fucken 1gb of RAM though?! It's stupid I say. I guess I'll just suck it up and upgrade the RAM then

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    Granted this really doesn't fix the problem but, have you tried the Windows 7 beta? It's way faster than Vista, and works with pretty much everything vista worked with. I'm using it til 7 actually hits the market.

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    Vista with 1gb RAM? I wouldn't subject my worst enemy to that hell.

    What model laptop is it?

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    It's a dv6000. I had an XP laptop that they replaced since it had every freaken problem in the book. They said the new one would be better, and stupid me didn't check on it -_-. Well, now I'm stuck with this POS so nothing I can do about it. You think someone on Craigslist might buy it and I just go buy a netbook or something?

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    Vista will work on 1GB of memory, just don't expect much.

    Besides, you can buy another 1GB stick for $20, it usually won't void your warranty to install it and it is very easy to do. Just make sure the speed matches the stick that's already in there so its dual channel.

    Also, I think Vista has always been better than XP. The compatibility argument is no longer valid, and has never been a problem for me. Why do people expect a piece of software that's two or three generations ahead to work on computers designed with 2001 standards in mind?

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    My laptop has two 512mb sticks in it lol. So yea I guess I've got no choice but to order two 1gb sticks. God, I wish I could get two 2gb sticks and it work, but I have a feeling it won't support 4gb of RAM

    The only reason I was putting XP on my laptop was the 1gb of RAM issue. Hell, I don't even think Vista should ship with 2gb of RAM. At least have 4gb and you're good. I think my next build will be a laptop build with 8gb of RAM just like my desktop -_-. It might be more expensive, but at least it won't be made by fucken HP....

    That reminds me, time to go bitch at them for even thinking of installing Vista on 1gb of RAM -_-

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    Most likely SpeedStep (or the equivalent AMD if it's an AMD chip). Basically, you can clock down the CPU when demand is low to conserve power. This is normal for laptops. If it's got any sense, it'll turn the clock speed up as the load increases (but hey, it's windows after all).

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    Bryce, your laptop will almost certainly address up to 4GB of memory, but Windows 32-bit won't. It addresses all the memory, and if you have a 256MB video card for example, that means it only addresses 3.75GB of the RAM.

    chevre, even with SpeedStep or an equivalent technology, the system will still report the spec of the CPU, rather than the lower clock if it is not permanent. Use CPU-Z to get an accurate measurement of your CPU speed.

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