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Thread: Local they order in?

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    Default Local they order in?

    Hi, I remember someone saying a while ago that a lot of chemists, if asked, would order in a specific brand for you. Is this true, and can anybody possibly give a list of chemists (chain ones, not individual) that do this in the UK?

    I can not order online at the moment (Father off work due to injury) and figure this is my best option.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Flanders View Post
    I thinkyou mean Pharmacist not chemist.
    Pharmacist are called chemist in the U.K.......

    I'm pretty sure. But yes I have heard from another member that this is possible.

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    Flanders,they can be either in the uk. Is there any brits here that can confirm this?


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    I've heard that you can do that with some chemists. Doubt a chain pharmacy would do it though. Single chemists tend to be more helpful because most people use chains (because of marketing) and this gets them more money.

    I imagine a local pharmacy will order in for you though, if you phone them, or even if necessary you went into the shop - if you are brave enough.

    Good luck!

    (as you may have noticed in the UK the words pharmacy/pharmacist and chemist are interchangeable)

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    I actually got a chain chemist to order me in some Tena slip maxi's it was kinda unexpected.

    If your interested i went more indepth in this post:

    Be weary tho as they might gouge you a bit. Also be warned if you want to just get a pack they might get a bit pissed as they have to order a whole case.
    Also i don't know if its the norm but i was kinda shocked when they rang up the price for me after they ordered it in.

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    I am not sure... but if you have walgreens there... they can older molicares for you. .


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    ^ Ooh! For real? There is a Walgreens about 6 miles from my house... It's a good healthy bike ride, but if you are right, it would be worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    ^ Ooh! For real? There is a Walgreens about 6 miles from my house... It's a good healthy bike ride, but if you are right, it would be worth it.
    You are probbly gonna hafta order a case :/

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