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Thread: Has anyone tried an energy drink?

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    Question Has anyone tried an energy drink?

    Here are my pics

    shot these from a webcam

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    I like the blue Rockstar the best. I want Jolt sooooo bad!! It's illegal to sell it in Kansas

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    I like full throttle...The one that tastes kind of like a sprite. It's orangeish-yellow.**shrug**...I don't really drink them often though.

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    Rockstar FTW, although the original Amps are on the same level. It's like Mountain Dew got jacked up on Mountain Dew. Just don't get the sugar-free kind of anything. My mom got them one time (the only thing the store had), and they were nasty... horribly nasty.

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    That's awful... ._.

    I've only drink Mountain Dew in the mornings that I get significantly less sleep. I buy them from the chem class' store so the money's going to a good place at least

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    I'm the cheap guy. I prefer the Wawa version of Red Bull called Mach W. It pretty much tastes like Red Bull, comes in Rockstar-sized cans, and costs about a buck-fifty.

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    I'm surprised no one has posted this one yet. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of energy drinks. They don't get along well with my body and give me an overactive bladder (seriously...not fun )

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    Red Bull tastes good, but I rarely drink it. Personally, give me something coffee based. I love Starbucks doubleshot or Monster Java. Most of the time I only drink them when I have to make a long car trip alone (like next week when I get to drive 450 miles). Most of the time I stick to plain coffee or tea when I need caffeine.

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    Erm is it me or could the sister thread of this be called "Have You Ever Breathed?"

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