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Thread: A question for the bedwetters or sleep wearers

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    Default A question for the bedwetters or sleep wearers

    I was wondering if anyone who wore diapers for bedwetting would ever wake up
    and need to pee and would just let it rip right there in the diaper just because it
    felt good, was convenient, or whatever? I can remember doing this when I was
    about 4 or 5 years old and am thinking this might have contributed to me being
    a DL. This was probably about the time when I could just about sleep through the night
    without wetting. Also around this time I would wear a diaper for afternoon
    naps and would often wet it on purpose before I would drift off to sleep.
    It seems like having a diaper on and needing to pee left me with no other choice
    but to wet it, but then I enjoyed the feeling. Anyway I would be interested in
    what everyone thinks about this.

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    Hmm, i get where you're coming from. When i was around 5-6 I had bedwetting issues, and was forced to wear GN's at night. It didn't last too long, but I remember a few times waking up wet and not really caring. I was upset though, because before I was put into GN's, I wished I could wear diapers, even though I put up a huge tantrum the first time they wanted me to wear them. Eventually once I stopped, I started searching the house to find if there were any left over. I never found any.

    But in regard to your question, I think once I actually wet the GN while awake.

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    yes, that's rather all I do at night. I'm not IC, so it's just for the joy of waking up with a full bladder at X' oclock in the pre-dawn morning, yawning, and just letting go as I drift off to sleep in a nice warm diapy.

    -- Thad

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    Yes, I've done that sometimes--when I couldn't hold it anyway or just when I didn't want to get out of bed to go. But I have woken up sometimes already wetting and just finished the job before I went back to sleep.

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    If I am wearing, that basically means I'm not getting out of bed. If I have to pee, fine, I'm covered. I have like half woke up before and realized I was peeing, but didn't care because I knew I was diapered.

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    When I do have a large supply, I will wear to bed.

    If I can sleep in (i.e. not go to school) and I wake up too early and have to pee, I will do so in my diaper without worrying and go back to sleep.

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    Yes, I did this on several occasions.

    When I was still bedwetting, I often wet before I went to sleep, but would almost never wake up in the middle of the night. I was a pretty deep sleeper.

    Obviously, I can't do that anymore, and have become much more aware of my bladder at night. This causes me to wake up to use the bathroom. It's a hassle.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    As a kid I did wet the bed, my parents never put me in diapers for it. But I can say this at the time I was not a DL, and if I had woken up needing to go and was in a diaper, as a kid that would not want to wear a diaper (did not get into diapers till age 13 many years after I stopped wetting the bed) I probably would have woken up my mom, and made a big deal about it, anything to get out of having to wear a diaper at night.

    I was a normal kid when it came to diapers, I would not have wanted to wear them and would have put up a fight if my mom tried to make me.

    Now, if I was a real bed wetter and woke up and needed to pee I would let rip in the diaper, heck I am not a bed wetter but if I wake up and need to pee I go potty in my diaper.

    Oh when I was a kid there were no goodnites or pullups (or the like).

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    when i wore diapers for bedwetting, around age 5-8, i would never wake up and pee in them. I would either wake up wet or dry and leave it at that.

    But as TB/DL i would pee in my diapers in the middle of the night

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    Like many have said already, I sometimes wet before I go to sleep. But I don't usually wake up at night. I'm a fairly deep sleeper. Just the comfort of knowing I could if I wanted to is reassuring.


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