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    Default Greetings

    Hi Everyone

    I thought it was about time I should drop by to say hello to everyone. I actually found this site as it had a story I had been following on another site and I was surprised to see the level of posting was much higher and civilized than other similar sites I have seen over the years (yes there is such a thing as too much information)

    If i was to sum myself up I would say I am a lost soul seeking answers to unknown questions.

    I work as a web developer for a software company in Sydney, Australia and in my spare time I have run several forums based around books over the years including a forum based RPG based on Harry Potter that has been running for over 7 years

    Not sure what else to say so i'll leave it there for now

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    What's up with the Aussies joining tonight!?

    Anyway, welcome.

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    Very nice. It's fun to see fellow techies.

    Welcome to ADISC!


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    There is nothing wrong with an Aussie Overload

    Bring on the Aussie invasion!

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    Hah! They're all on the east coast... Screw all people are here on the west coast... Perth is lonely T_T Even my boyfriend is over east...

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    Hey Dark,

    Hope you have a great time here at ADISC. It really is a fun place to be around, so I think that you will enjoy yourself quite a bit

    Yet another AB/DL here in Sydney I was starting to think I was lonely

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    Butterfly Mage


    Quote Originally Posted by dark View Post
    Hi Everyone

    If i was to sum myself up I would say I am a lost soul seeking answers to unknown questions.
    That is, of course, the beginning of all wisdom

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