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Thread: RANT TIME! (no theories)

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    Angry RANT TIME! (no theories)

    WHAT is the BIG deal with typing that one "a" between the "wh" and the "t" and in word "what"? I'm sorry--but im sick and tired of these kids going around everywhere and saying, "hy gyz wot sup wit u", using no capitols, NO grammar (these kids have been to school before, I promise you)....rawr. I can accept spelling errors...but not the absolute inability to take the time to stop being a lazy *** and add that one letter. Okay, I'll admit it: I sometimes use "u" for "you" and "i" instead of "I". You don't go to a publisher with a new book called "hw 2 deel w/ idotz", same way you don't write forum posts where its sooo hard to understand, same with you don't go up to someone, "HEY MAN, WOTS UP!" when you are perfectly capable of saying, "hey man, whats up?" or something.


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    1. They are retards and don't know better(aka, they think it's cool), and therefore we must mock them openly.

    2. They are mocking the people previously mentioned.

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    y u h8tin?

    Your grammar and spelling ain't so perfect either so, I wouldn't be so quick to criticize others.

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    Sadly, I have(or more accurately have had) friends who honestly couldn't spell any better than "hay, wont to go cacth a movee?"


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    *salutes grizzy*

    Amen to that!
    ...and hurray for rants! They're so much fun ^_^

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    <NERD> I've been kicked out of three WoW guilds, becuase I told the guild leaders or high ranking officers that they are lazy idiots who can't spell worth crap.</nerd>

    Yes, people need to "LRN2ENGLISH!!!!!" it does get quite annoying.

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    Hey! This thread reminds me a lot of my old rant back in the day about retarded kids who fail to grasp the concept of typing "you".

    I point the finger at 90% of teens in the U.S.

    I've seen this very same scenario on every single forum I've ever been:

    hay guys wats up wit every1 hear? have ne of u al heard the new linkin prak album? its fn rox!!
    ^^^ This is the vast majority of teenagers that I've seen over the net, either in myspace or other forums. We've got it pretty good here, since most members know how to type something properly.

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone has problems with the nvidia geforce 8500. I've had these weird glitches in games if I turn shadows on in any game, and I was wondering if there was a driver patch for it. sorry for my bad english, im from holland
    I have never, ever, EVER seen someone from a country that doesn't have English as their first language make a bad post, blog entry or ANYTHING. Why? My theory is that Teenagers in other countries are bought up in both their schooling and through childhood with proper communication skills drilled into their being from a very young age, whereas kids from Britain, U.S and Australia are just lazy bastards who would much rather "typ rlly fsat" rather than writing something out that someone will take seriously.

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, I can't stand people who are capable of typing out things with some degree of good spelling and grammar, but just choose not too out of their own goddamn laziness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    You don't go to a publisher with a new book called "hw 2 deel w/ idotz",


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    It is pretty annoying. The strangest thing I saw (related to this) the other day was someone who typed out everything seemingly correctly (one misspelled word though).... except "about. It was always "abt" O_o

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