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Thread: Are diapers a sexual turnon for anybody?

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    Yes, but since wearing 24/7 for the past four years, it has sort of taken a back seat to just wearing. Still, nothing like getting hard in diapers, or slippery plastic panties! Messes stay where they are.

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    I used to get aroused instantly when getting diapered, not so much anymore. However if I'm thinking about a diapered partner while I'm padded I get very excited in my diaper. Had an ANR a long time ago and occasionally would do so while diapered with predictable results.

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    Absolutely. Both the physical feeling of the diaper on the way that it just makes me feel little and helpless. I also entertain fantasies of having a mommy to look after me and set rules and punishments for breaking them-- nothing too harsh, but just enough punishment to let me know that she's in charge.

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    For me my ABDL side is about as non-sexual as possible for a person that is not completely asexual. I have never engaged in diaper play of any kind with another person, and I almost never masturbate during diaper play because I've found it's not worth the feelings of shame and disgust that follow my climax. My first memory of diaper desires was when I was 4 years old, and my desires are as strong as ever and I am now 31. When I was in the height of puberty I admit I got a little more of a sexual thrill from wearing, but now that I am lucky enough to wear often enough the novelty has worn off along with my teenage sex drive.

    Now, if a beautiful young woman were to change me in a babysitter's role, I would probably explode with sexual tension. But on any ordinary diaper day, its an emotional release and escape, not sexual.

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    This is hard to say either yes or no, but maybe yes. For me sometimes there are sexually pleasing feeling while wearing it, but i don't know or i could say it's unsure.

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    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    No guilt. A little shame.

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    Kinda? No as in they’re not a sexual kink of mine, but sex in then wouldn’t bother me.

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    definitely. If I am being changed by my wife it's easily the most arousing thing I've ever experienced, every time. She doesn't participate all the time, though.

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    Then extra padding velcro diaper is the answer. I love them.

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