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Thread: Are diapers a sexual turnon for anybody?

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    Not for me. For me, it's more of a peaceful, calming thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmiOMy View Post
    Not for me. For me, it's more of a peaceful, calming thing.
    I know I said it was sexual for me, but it depends sometimes its also a stress relief and I enjoy just regressing to a time I had 0 responsability and I was carefree to do whatever I wanted and someone would prevent it if it was dangerous.

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    Generally I feel they are more sensual than sexual, but when I crossdress as a lolicon type character they become more sexual,,,
    My main outfit is a pink tartan miniskirt, white short-sleeved blouse, knee high socks, low heeled slip on shoes, and Lady Tena Discreet panties, they kinda go with the rest of the outfit I feel, they enhance a feeling of weakness and vulnerabitity, very happy to discuss this via PM with anybody, there are more details but perhaps too explicit to put here in open forum,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I take these claims at face value unless I have reason not to. Even so, most of the people I know who have said it wasn't sexual at all have since admitted either to me or as part of admitting it to themselves that it's at least a little bit sexual.

    For me, there wasn't ever any question and I don't see why that would be such an awful admission. Everyone has to reach their own level of comfort, whether it involves sexual gratification or not.

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