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Thread: what you all think

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    Default what you all think

    I want see what all you think of this ABDL site to me there alot sicko and freaky people on there video are sick also people over alot rude and just plain crazy to me .

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    It makes me cry that DLTown was let go of. It makes perfect sense why Shannon gave it up, but it was a ABDL social networking site that didn't suck... Diaperspace is fail... It can kiss my padded butt and enjoy it as the highlight of it's pathetic life.

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    I used to go on there some, but now I rarely do. I removed a bunch of people from my friends list, because they were just creepy, and there are some people that just won't stop trying to add me back

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    I only go to other sites (mainly daily and deeker's) for stories and many of those are just well for what they are most likely written for. Also yes, deeker's does actually have a few non man on boy stories. Best of which is the kip napped story from like 1998 or 1999.

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    From the 5 or so minutes I spent on the sire, I disliked it...I've always hated site that restrict members to 18+, they always tend to focus too much on the sexual aspect of things


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    Yeah right there is alot sexual stuff there made me sick everytime click some thing it sexuall on there in some way.

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    this community is definitely much much better (the best!)


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    Yeah notic this commuunity more friendler and got nice group people that don't see most ABDL sites.

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    I go there from time to time. But not as much since I found this community. I find adisc much more informative, and there is a general sense of "community" here that diaperspace lacks.

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