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Thread: Furry Conventions

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    Question Furry Conventions

    I never been to a Furry convention before and i know Anthrocon is coming up in July. So my question is are they really fun to go to?

    Right now i'm trying to work out the prices (plane hotel maybe car rental) and....... well lets just say it kinda pricey for me. I don't want to spend all this money and not have a good time.

    Has anyone been to one before? I really want to go but i'm afraid of the "Will i have fun" factor. More so because I won't have anyone that i know that will go with me and I won't know many furs there.

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    I can pretty much guarantee you you will have a good time.

    Last year I attended AC for about... 5 hours. At most. And those were probably the most fun 5 hours I've had in a LONNNNNG time. It's obviously best if you can go with friends, or know people to meet up with when you're there.

    Just so you're aware... there are a few of us here on Adisc that are going to be attending. Lukie and I included - and I personally would like to see maybe an adisc meetup happen... though that's a discussion for a different time

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    Well, I've never been to a furry convention, but I have been to an anime convention. I don't like anime that much, so I bet my experiance there would be proportionally equall to your expereance at a furry con.

    Well, the greatest part of the con all together was the mob mentallity. Everyone is in one place for one simaler interest, so striking conversations with strangers becomes the easiest thing in the world. I had people give me a sneek attack hug/glomp, and I thought it was one of my friends. It turns out to be some total stranger that liked my costume (I was link). We hung out and talked for an hour before breaking off. It's just things like that that make the con so much fun. I didn't care about any of the anime stuff there, yet I was swept into it without even noticing. I'd say it's well worth your money.

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    Never been to a furry convention, but I've been to other conventions. Unless you get a hotel a long way from the convention site, you won't be driving around so the rental car is waste of money.

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    I've only been to one small one so far, and I have to say if you book into the hotel for the whole thing you'll love it. As Link said there's the Mob mentality of being surrouded by likeminded people, if its somehow connected to furry there's bound to be someone you can talk to about it.

    The atmosphere is always friendly and its usually charged with that frantic energy you always get when furries get together and lets not forget about the pannels and competitions, or the fursuits. Always up for a hug so long as you're not sticky or too rough.
    Breakancing fursuiters anyone?

    The RBW boat Party was fun, booked the biggest party boat on the Themes and rode in suit across london in a Black Taxi back to the hotel

    I was already a fursuiter before my first con at RBW last November
    I had so much fun and made so many new friends that I'm alredy registered for this year and booked up for EuroFurence in August

    I'd head for AnthroCon too but my wallet wont stretch that far...have to go next year

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    Oh yeah! You definitely need to go to a furry convention. You'll have a super blast, best time of your life probably. Furries know how to have fun and throw a party! My first one was Further Confusion in San Jose...and that was SO MUCH FUN! Would definitely love to go back sometime!

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    You guys are all going to AC without me! *cries*

    The only major convention I have ever been to is Gen-Con. Not for furries, but still a very exciting experience. Everywhere you look something is happening. You get confused by it all. Expect to be there for at least 6 hours. Kiosks selling anime, guys in full costume, guest speakers, tournaments, and role-playing made it great. Just find someone to go with - it makes things less awkward. If you are finished at the con, just go explore the city. Anaheim had tons of stuff to do otherwise. My mother took us to the Zoo, I think. Some of my friends are making plans to go to Further Confusion in January. I want to meet the famous furries and go to a rave party. If I can gather the resources to go, you can bet I'll be there. A suit and a badge are in the works, too.

    Furry conventions are one of those things you should try at least once. If you don't like it, then no big deal. You got to see what it was. The people are open and everyone has a group mentality. Expect to be manhandeled alot. Furries are very affectionate. Oh, and make sure to wear your tail.

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    meh. lets just say its probably going to be ALOT tamer than stalker-realplayer 3 (youtube it sometime)

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    Thanks guys, I decided that im going and that i'll be staying at Doubletree hotel. To all that are going hope to see you there. ^_^.

    This will be Birthday present to myself as its on the 2nd of July!!!

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    Been to anime conventions but never a furry convention... yet. Anyway, it's great to stay the entire weekend but check-in and check-out can be dreadful. That's why Saturdays at a con a so awesome. You have no real responsibility from the time that you get up until the time that you pass out (typically about 4:00am sunday). I'm sure that you'd have a good time even if you're not going with anyone that you know. Half of the fun is meeting new people.

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