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Thread: Happy to greet you all

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    Default Happy to greet you all

    I love this forum for its intelligent comments. I've looked at it off and on over the past several years, but have not participated like I should have. Now I'll try to do that more often.

    I am someone, like many others, who basically has wanted to be diapered and "little" whenever I need to retreat and feel calm. I've felt that way since I was 5 or 6. At least that is as early as I definitely remember loving the idea of wearing a diaper and when I was no longer wearing diapers. I had a very insecure childhood and I'm sure that contributed to this desire. For most of my childhood, I was "raised" by a single, alcoholic mother.

    I would get a diaper any way I could when I was young. Sometimes that meant stealing one from a clothes line or a community dryer. Sometimes it meant making then from old tshirts. In my whole life, I believe I'm correct in saying that there might be only one year during which I was not able to wear a diaper at some point.

    My wife of more than a decade knows everything because I told her, but she does not participate. I've told other close family members too and they are fine with it. I wear both cloth and disposable diapers and love pacifiers and footed sleepers. I'm so glad I live in an era when both kinds of diapers and footed sleepers exist for grown-ups and are easily available and I can be open about it, at least online if not in regular society.

    I've had all the usual issues that AB/TB/DL's have, such as 1) Thinking I'm the only one; 2) Thinking it'll stop when I get older; 3) Getting disgusted with myself and throwing out all my stuff and then buying it all again; 4) Wondering if anyone notices when I wear in public; 5) Getting embarassed about buying diapers in a store and almost getting "caught"; 6) Actually getting "caught" changing my diaper; 7) Wondering if it is really wrong; 8) Spending too much time being "little"; and 9) Wondering if so-and-so knows about my kink and 10) Finally reconciling myself to my quirks and learning to like myself and getting on with my life.

    That's me and I appreciate all of you!

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    Welcome. Thanks for the descriptive intro. I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been to be caught during a change.

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    Actually, it was just so shocking that I was more shocked than terrified. It was when I was changing in a public restroom and I thought the stall door lock actually worked...but it didn't.

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    Welcome! You seem like you will be a great contributor. Glad to have you here.

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    What a great into.
    Thanks for sharing with us and I hope to read more of your post around the board.
    Glad to see someone else that understands the user of diapers for comfort through rough times.

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    Hey! Here's a new game: think of anything at all you would like to talk about,

    some video game, or computer issue?
    model rockets?
    Afghani-Pakistani diplomatic relations and trade agreements?
    How do I become a regular or use a certain feature, like what does an icon mean?
    How the heck does someone get to 6 rep in 14 posts, while still a newbie?


    - And I will locate a thread that talks about it or find an expert who has the answers you seek or someone into chatting with you about 67 Mustangs, the care and maintenance of plastic pants, how the rep system works, good memes and bad memes, - whatever takes your fancy.

    And I can even tell you how you yourself can locate the goodies hidden in out of the way spots on ADISC!!

    And not only me, but anyone should feel encouraged to help out with this guy's queries: EVEN FELLOW-NEWBIES!!

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