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    In another thread, there was a discussion about adiscers becoming Facebook friends. While I'm hesitent to befriend anyone on Facebook who I don't know, I was wondering what the rest of you thought. We could effectively set up a adsic group. As I posted in the other thread:

    "Here's what I think we should do: set up a random Facebook group that no one would join. The group will be a front. The members on this site join that group, and then are invited to join a secret ADISC group."

    What do you guys think?

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    No. This would involve way to many privacies being discovered. A quick google search of ADISC shows the forums as the fourth entry. And Giving out my last name to people here is definitely not desirable.

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    I don't think it'll work. You'd have to create a second profile - one for AB activities and one for other activities. It's never a good idea to mix AB interests with non-AB stuff and non-AB friends.
    That does not mean an AB/TB/DL can never become a friend. You just have to trust that person enough to give them your real life information. You should not do that until you have no doubt that they will not share it with anyone. Once you can trust someone to that point, you can probably add them to Facebook or any such sites - just have a good explanation why you know that person.


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    I'd pretty much say what peachy will say.

    But I dislike these social networking sites. What's wrong with MSN?

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    Myspace, Facebook... whatever, Social networking should stay with people you've met in real life and trust enough. I'd never join that, sorry to say, but I guessed sooner or later the idea would come up in the forums...

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    I agree with the comments here. It's not that I doubt we could successfully pull off a private group on facebook, it's that (no offense), I don't think I would feel comfortable with my 'real' identity being so blatant to any adisc user. As Peachy said, I would prefer to keep my ABDL and real life seperate.

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    I have one or two *BDLs on my facebook, BUT they're not blatantly so. Some of the people on my facebook know about 'my little secret' while others do not. I do believe I have at least one ADISC friend on facebook (but I won't say who...and no, it's not Peachy! :p).

    I can't speak for that friend but I know I wouldn't want 'my little secret' open to public scrutiny in that way, which is odd when you consider I used to have an entire website devoted to 'my little secret' including an abundance of photos of myself in diapers and other baby-garb!

    Then again, unless someone knew me, they wouldn't be able to draw the parallels between my real name, and my *BDL name. What!? You thought Ayanna was my real name? Well, let me burst your bubble, it isn't!

    Anyway, I think I'd have to do as Peachy suggested and make an entirely new facebook account just for *BDL related stuff...IF I were to engage in such there at all...which I probably wouldn't! That said, I do have email accounts that are strictly *BDL and others that are strictly non-*BDL, and still others that are strictly "business" (I use my full REAL name on that one). So, who knows....

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    I've friended some AB/DLs on facebook. In fact, my AB/DL friends and I find it amusing to look through each other's friend lists and try to guess who's an AB/DL. But like others, I would be hesitant to reveal my last name to someone I didn't already consider a good friend. And sorry guys, but I would never join an adisc group, as obviously my non-AB friends could see it.

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    Well I actually do have one *b/dl on my facebook list. This is for two reasons, because I have known them for almost two years and also because their profile shows nothing of them being a *b/dl. So would friend any *b/dl on facebook, IF your profile does not point to you being an *b/dl. Like diaper pictures, being memeber of a *b/dl group, or have friends with profiles of this stuff.

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