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    I've been thinking about doing 1 on 1 age play with someone who's well equipped and that brought me to the question of what baby clothes I might want to try on if they have any my size. Normally I think that the best baby clothes look is just a diaper or perhaps a shirt and diaper depending on the temperature.

    However one ABDL related anime picture that due to various reasons has become a "classic" to me depicts a character in a skirt and according to the pic's title its a boy [A while after discovering this picture I learned that it has some fiction related to it on another site that seems questionable if you google translate it but I don't condone that part] Thus I'd started wondering about trying on similar clothing during private play with someone. I don't feel like acting girly or anything sissy related though. I'm male btw. Sometimes I joke to myself that a skirt like that would make checking and changing diapers easier. Should I try this if given a chance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hex000f View Post
    Should I try this if given a chance?
    Of course!

    There really are no 'rules' for age play - you establish your own guidelines and rules. So...if you want to try a dress or skirt, go right ahead.

    I am also male and I have also been in diapers and a dress at times.

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    Yes definitely you should. There's no rules and you can wear what you want. I personally like to wear tights over my diaper and a onesie. Or just the onesie over my diaper. It really is your choice what you wear. If you like t shirts with characters on them e.g paw patrol or pj masks , you can buy them off

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