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Thread: Last night...

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    Default Last night...

    I've been training myself the last few months to be fecal incontinent (loose incontinence, dripping not the whole "shebang") and, last night, I totally leaked a little into my diaper!

    It was pretty awesome...definitely didn't expect it to ever start happening. I've been living pretty much 24/7 in Molis, so, I'm ready!

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    I really can't imagine that would be any fun at all... each to their own I guess.

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    No offence intended, but why?!?!?

    I suffer form IBS-D (diagnosed by the doctor yesterday & a couple times before about it) and I get fecal leaks regularly despite my best efforts,.I've never found it fun tbh, especially once you have no choice in it and I can't seem to understand why anyone would want to be fecal incontinent willingly.

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    Uhm, why?

    Not to put you down, or to criticize, or anything like that. Just why?

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    I feel bad for the people who have to be around you. Smelling is disrespectful. Of course there are those that cannot help it, but to purposely do it is just... ugh.

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    I clearly posted it's a little.

    Like, when you fart really hard.

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    Little ollie


    Dumb idea mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kadillac View Post
    I clearly posted it's a little.

    Like, when you fart really hard.
    Would you like it if everyone was that way? Just think about going to the movies or the store and once every 5 mins a person pooped a little just so they can fulfill some strange desire while disregarding social boundaries despite being fully well to control their own bodily functions.

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