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    alright. well i just recieved my large ATN's. i moved up from a medium, because i didn't feel they were big enough width wise. well, i opened up the package right now, and put one on. it is definatly big enough width wise, but the length is huge. it came up mid back, and a little past my belly button. is there any way to maybe shorten them, or am i gonna have to just deal with it? and also, i did my bottom tapes first, and the top ones didn't stick at all. but they were kinda high. it actually feels really babyish, i like that, but it's just they are huge. so i guess my question is, is there anyway to shorten them? thank you


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    I have this exact same thing happen to me with Tena Slip L diapers, although the mediums are snug and nice I'd like a size in between both because large ones ride up my belly button on both sides. I still don't know how to fix it :/

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    I have the same problem with Large/Medium Dry 24/7s. I use duct tape on diapers anyway, but wrapping a band around the waist makes them tighter lower so that they fit better. And at times the diaper gets stuck to a folded edge of the tape, and pulls it down a bit. Works quite well.

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    In my eyes, diapers should go up to the belly button. After all, it's not a bikini brief.

    That said, most medium diapers cover my belly button and have enough material to allow for comfortably fastening to tapes. Large size diapers go high up on my belly, so they look rather stupid. I can wear size L molicares and enjoy the extra absorbency, but once we're talking about Tenas, they're so big that the tapes overlap and I can't get a snug fit, so there's a large gap between my legs and the diaper...with leaks bound to happen.
    So make sure your size L diapers fit properly, not only in terms of height, but also provide a snug fit!


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    yea, they fit snug. they haven't leaked on me yet. it's just they are a little tall, but whatever. feels babyish if anything

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    Butterfly Mage


    Abena sort of has the same problem.

    I find that there isn't a whole lot of really "medium" sized adult diapers. For most brands, the mediums are really tiny and the large size is really huge.

    Back in the pre-PaperPak days, Attends medium size used to fit fine. Now they don't fit at all. But after three years of diet and exercise, I weigh what I weighed ten years ago, so I know it's the diapers that got smaller!

    Molicare's "super" (the thinner one) got smaller too.

    So, it seems like if you wear a size 34 or 36 pair of pants, it's hard to find a diaper that really fits well.

    I usually go with large so that I don't have to worry about putting too much tension on the tapes.

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    Brands should definetly put out a medium/large size, and a small/medium size. I agree, the gaps are too big. I am just in the middle of small and medium... It makes things pretty hard for me.

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    One of the biggest challanges for me was finding a diaper that was absorbant and fit me properly. I really like the Tranquility ATNs, but they don't fit me right... With most diapers I find the medium is just a bit too small and the large is too big. Abenas are the only ones that fit me perfectly on the medium side...

    experiment with different brands and sizes until you find what works for you.

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