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Thread: What TV shows are you watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdorbzLittleGirl View Post
    Criminal Minds... at least I've been trying to.
    Criminal Minds used to be on my list, but they've fallen off lately.

    Current faves, the new X-Files, Lethal Weapon (as good or better than the movies IMO), Lucifer, and MacGyver.

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    i've been watching The Magicians and Voltron Legendary Defender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravensteel View Post
    Iron Fist
    Is this still in the first season? Or do they have new episodes now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddedgrimlin View Post
    Is this still in the first season? Or do they have new episodes now?
    Still season 1.

    Watching season 2 of Better Call Saul Now

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    Just finished the second season of Marseille. It's a very okay (but not great) series, Gérard Depardieu's Robert Taro is not super credible as a politician (and he reminds me way too much of one of my uncle), but this season they had a character based on Marine Le Pen, Jeanne Coste, who steals the show every time she is on screen and made the season watchable on her own.

    I'm also watching The Punisher, which is at least better than Iron Fist was.

    My current to binge list is La Mante season 1 (French police procedural), Occupied season 2 (Norwegian political drama), Jessica Jones season 2, The Good Fight season 2 (The Good Wife season 9, really), Collateral season 1 and Broadchurch season 3.

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    Currently watching Electric Dreams. Near reminds me that Jessica Jones looks interesting.

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