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Thread: What TV shows are you watching?

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    The 10 Commandments. Can't beat the classic 60's epic. If you're not a believer, you could make it a challenge: How many can you break in the time allotted?

    Edit: Looked it up while watching last night. 1956. Cecil B. DeMille. Yul Brynner, Edward G. Robinson, Charlton Heston, Vincent Price. Big fun.

    I apologize for not giving the female stars their due, for some reason, their names didn't stick in my head even though some of their performances were superior to the big name male leads.

    Edit 2: How could I forget....Yvonne DeCarlo as Moses' wife!!! Perhaps better know to those of my generation as Lily Munster!!
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    Today it's going to be JC Superstar. Back in the day, the album was yyyuuuuuuggggee. With some terrific stars behind it, I have high expectations. Alice Cooper as Herod? What's not to like!

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    I started watching Lucifer. I'm taking a break from it to rewatch Elementary.

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    I watch a lot of TV shows, and also Anime.

    But sticking just to the non-anime shows I watch in no particular order (not alphabetically, nor in order of which shows I like more).

    I Zombie
    The Flash
    DCs Legends Of Tomorrow
    Ink Master
    The Magicians
    Krypton (Superman origin story TV show on SYFY)
    Siren (a new show about Mermaids set place in a coastal town in the US)
    The Originals (currently on hiatus, supposedly getting a 5th season since fans didn't like how season 4 ended; I didn't either, very sad ending)

    Cartoon-y ones below

    Family Guy
    American Dad
    South Park
    The Simpsons

    My current Anime watch list is One Piece, Dragon Ball Super (ending soon apparently but they may and probably will do a future series in the future), and Boruto; I'm also watching Overlord.

    There are probably 2500-3000 or more episodes of just anime that I have watched in the past though.

    There are many shows I used to watch that were good and could have been so much more; but I already have a topic for cancelled shows.
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    Sabrina The Teenage witch
    Once upon a Time
    The Flash
    The Fosters
    This is Us
    How I met Your Mother
    Home Improvement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravensteel View Post
    Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet.
    I am starting to love this show. On a side note it is filmed two blocks over from my sisters block.

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