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Thread: Walking home and what do I find?

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    Talking Walking home and what do I find?

    So i'm walking home from school today and once I get into my neighborhood I find a 2 litter bottle of root beer just sitting there on the sidewalk and the seal hadn't been broken. What luck!

    Has something like that ever happend to you?

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    The most that I've found on the sidewalk was a dirty pacifier. Your lucky.

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    It could have been a trap. Did you check for ninjas first?

    What kind of root beer was it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkio View Post
    It could have been a trap. Did you check for ninjas first?

    What kind of root beer was it?
    As long as the lable doesn't say "Super Ninja Trap Root Beer" your ok. And if it's just "Ninja Trap Root Beer", that means the ninja is too poor to get the super trap brand and you don't have to worry about it. Unless there's a very clever ninja in the neiborhood trying to get you, but then your pritty much done for already so you might as well go for the root beer.

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    I found a quarter.

    But it was glued to the sidewalk.

    A lot of people found it . . . .

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    I found a Korean version of Pokemon: Crystal once. It was like " random."

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    In one day through various coins I think I found 2 scattered around the floor of the common room for my year (and the year below). Other than that, I can't think of anything.

    I lose things, not gain them.

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    I recently found 10 on the floor where I work but being the good citizen I am I put it in the charity box. I did find a 20 note at the park once, but that was back when 20 was something to be excited about.

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