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Thread: Buying off Ebay?

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    Default Buying off Ebay?

    I was wondering what is everybodies experience with buying diaper products off of ebay. I've heard different stuff from different people. Some would never do it others love it.

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    I've bought a few AB/DL items off of e-bay. I've never had any problems. I still prefer to order my disposables from reputable vendors like XPMedical, Magic Medical, or Bambino.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've never had a problem ordering from ebay either -- although I rarely do so. Usually I use XP Medical.

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    I've bought two bags of Abriforms off ebay once, and the seller put clear plastic foil around the two bags after putting one A4 sheet of paper onto each site of the bag (also containing my address) so it would block out the writing on the front/back of the bags. But the contents were still obvious to anyone who took a second to look at the top or the sides, where the contents were clearly shown (as on any diaper bag).


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    That is the one thing I will caution people about when using e-bay for fetish items. You never know how long it is going to take to arrive... and you never know what kind of bag/box it will be in.

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    I've only ordered once from Ebay. It went well, the seller shipped discretely, they came in a plain brown box with nothing on it other than Shipping details and postage. I've only ordered once off of Ebay because I prefer to buy from reputable companies. On Ebay you never know exactly who your buying from.

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    Agrees w/ Jabo here. I just recently bought off of eBay, shipping was discreet, although the diapers didn't come from a smoke-free home, so the diapers reeked of smoked . You just never know where diapers come from whenever you don't buy them from a business.

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    I buy the vast majority of my diapers and booster pads off of e-bay. Granted, I buy the same brands and therefore, usually buy from the same people. There is no way I can buy the same items from any vendor, online or otherwise, for the same price I get it on e-bay. I only ever had one situation where I sent the seller payment, but I never received the diapers. Your best bet is to check the seller's feedbaback. If something about the listing seems funny, its probably best to keep looking.

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    A another thing see ebay with AB clothes seller that seem to only make AB clothes for larger you really can never find AB clothes that will fit smaller person only large over weight people.

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    I have bought diapers off of ebay. I look for reasonable prices and shipping. I usually did Buy it Now.

    Babylife, it's not true you can't find adult clothes for smallar people. I am certainly not overweight (I am considered to be underweight by doctors) and I still can find adult baby clothes in my size. I don't care for upper shirts being big in the chest, same as dresses. Right now I have a onesie on me that is loose but it's not too big and the shorts are big too in the hips but diapers help and it has a tie in them where I can make the shorts tight around the waist. This is what I have on:

    Adult Baby TINKERBELL Knit SHORTS & ONESIE SET, by LL - eBay (item 200328574947 end time Apr-12-09 18:11:04 PDT)

    I don't buy things that are going to be too big. Luckily I find people on there who make smallar AB clothes. I look at the measurements they post in their auctions.

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