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Thread: Anybody else really struggle with the fact the babyfur community is so small?

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    The AB/DL crowd is much better suited than the furry fandom for babyfurs. If you want to meet up with more babyfurs instead of AB/DLs though, then you should attend cons or connect over Twitter and discord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troubles View Post
    Hey Yall.

    Well the title pretty much sums it up but yeah. I have been a loner forever because I find it's so challenging to find social groups and friends within the babyfur community. The community is tiny and the dating scene tends to be pretty toxic. I'm 26 years old now, i have watched Adisc come into its existence from afar and yet I don't really feel like I have much to contribute. It really is challenging being apart of such a small sub group.

    Furry websites/typical furs aren't really too interest in yea. The AB/DL community is a lot healthier these days so I know we tend to blend in with them heavily. Hence here we are a sub forum. Social networking seems to be kind of a disaster within the community. There isn't many social forums, even less chat rooms, and the chat rooms that do exist are both not user friendly and typically have random unnecessary hurdles for you to do in order to join such as downloading stuff, screening your e-mail which is often bugged with no support button to put in a petition for said bug, or forced forum participation. I personally end up getting exhausted with the process of these types of methods of socialization before I get the software to work.

    How do other folks feel? Got a pretty wide age group on here at this point. We went from no forums, to sketchy going to get raped stuff like deeker, to what we have now.

    What seems to work for you guys? Where does the best babyfur social networking take place these days? I'm not much for conventions atm I'm focused on my work and don't have time. Would be nice to make some friends.

    Hi Troubles,

    I'm a long time adult baby/little but I'm a newbie here and to being honest about this part of myself. Although I'm not a babyfur, and I can't offer you advice on where to find others, I think I can appreciate your sentiments. For me, if I could find friends and a female partner who were accepting of this part of me and understood it as a need, I think I would be okay. Yes, it would be wonderful to meet another little or someone interested in roleplaying as a caregiver, but perhaps that's too limiting? For you, maybe you just need to find people (like the folks on here who do seem to be genuinely supportive) who can and will understand this part of you.

    Honestly, I've always been fascinated by furrys and babyfurs - from my limited perspective, it seems there's quite a lot in common with ABs and babyfurs. If it's not sounding like TMI, I'd be absolutely happy with a babyfur partner and/or friend. I'm not sure why socially we are all so judgemental of each other.

    Anyway, I don't know if any of this helps, but just wanted to lend some support.


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    Furries in general have a bad rap on the internet. Furry art, furry art fans, and furries in general tend to get snap targeted for negative comments just because it's "cool" according to the Internet to hate on them. You mix that with all the outlandish fetish art (macro/micro, gore/vore, scat/waterports, feral, cub and any number of other things) and even the tame stuff that's really well done gets a wave of hate and negative comments. Furry artists have to work double time filtering their feed and getting rid of/reporting all that junk.

    So you have babyfurs; furries which the Internet already loves to bash on, and diapers, something people in the real world wouldn't hesitate for a second to make fun of. Then you stick them together. I think you can see the problem. I'd wager folks are just to scared to open up and reveal they are into it so it keeps the community small and really close knit. I'd say they're more of us out there they just haven't gotten brave enough to come out yet.

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    One thing to mention these days is that a lot of folks are on chats like Telegram or Discord. I mostly hang with other babyfurs there and on FurAffinity!

    Also Angelo had an interesting blog post prompting disscusion about... what the heck is exactly a babyfur and how does it relate to ABDL:

    Here's what I wrote on it:

    At first I thought BabyFur / DiaperFur was the Furry equivalent of AdultBaby / DiaperLover, but now I think it's more subtle.

    DiaperFurs are for sure Furry DiaperLovers, but...

    Among Adult Babies you have those who are purely in it for the innocent regression and some who are purely in it for the kink, and some who are both at the same time or switch (full disclosure, that's me). We don't have common terms for this... I remember finding something proposed for the pure innocent child regression types.. but I forgot it already! >.<;;

    On the furry spectrum however, because it's all fantasy it's easier to actually *be* a baby, a toddler or little fur who needs diapers, and that's generally what I think of as BabyFurs. Furs who see themselves *as* actually, not play or pretend, little, in the same way they *are* Furry.

    I've taken to having to say AdultCub, when I want to be clear about me/Ollie who is an adult, but likes to regress, and ageplay (sexually and not).

    Of course it's confusing and fuzzy and folks may have interests in all three, may not have clear pictures in their heads, may feel awkward about all or some...

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    My late reply to this thread is late but, I don't agree that the community is small. The reason the community appears so small is that people are afraid to say they're into it. Think about it, saying you're into diapers AND furs? Plus in a large number of those 'groups' you mentioned I've found that they're generally circlejerks or the good groups ban all the bad eggs. There are many babyfurs. But only a percentage of them seem to be able to control themselves in a dignified manner.

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