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    Alright...This question or topic always baffels everyone. Can someone(s) post some statistics of teenage bed wetters in the U.S. Like those of such and such percent of 15-19 yr. olds wet...

    I would really like to see all of the statistics that are out there. One you list some stats here, remember to site the source that you got them from. The reason I ask is this... if there are lots posted here i would like to apply them to my school. There are 600 or so in my school and with alldifferent sources here I would like to see what I can break it down to how many actually wet.

    It doesn't matter what stats are here, be them bed wetting or day wetting stats.

    Well anyway, if you would like to participate, then fine, if not that is fine as well.

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    You aren't going to get an accurate statistic of it. Bedwetting is a private medical thing. Doctors wouldn't release it to surveys/censuses, and not many people would admit to it. If you were to get a statistic, it would probably be in a small area, and would not be accurate at all. I can see why you would want to know to compare to your school, but other than knowing, what would you really do beyond thinking who wets, and who doesn't? You're probably better off not knowing, and just stay curious. It's not like you're going to go around asking who wets and who doesn't if the statistic is like "1 in ever 50" or something. Like I said, most wouldn't admit to it.

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    There have been a number of studies of bedwetting both by medical sociologists and the medical researchers. Doctors aren't giving up privilege when they respond to these surveys.

    This is from the journal of pediatric. "By ten years old, 95% of children are dry at night. Studies place adult bedwetting rates at between 0.5% to 2.3%."

    Here is another source: "About 10% (7% boys, 3% girls) of 5-year-old children wet the bed.1 From age 5 on, about 15% of children who wet the bed become dry each year.2 By age 18 years, bed-wetting is extremely rare in females and is estimated to occur in about 1% of males"

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    I found detailed statistics in one paper: Bed-wetting in US Children: Epidemiology and Related Behavior Problems -- Byrd et al. 98 (3): 414 -- Pediatrics

    The graphs there include information my gender, age, and frequency of bed wetting. It currently requires a login for access, unfortunately.

    I used the data to get an upper limit of the percentage of boys in diapers at a given age when studying AB/DLs who report already being in diapers before becoming aware of their desire to wear diapers.

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    From the many places I've read, most settle on about 1% for the 18ish crowd. So that'd be 6 if your school were remarkably average.

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    One thing I would guess is that the statistics are low.

    That's because they rely on self-reporting, which is notoriously unreliable as a means to gather numbers, particularly on an issue like bedwetting.

    Unless you stumble over a study hijacked by diaper lovers . . . .

    (Such things exist.)

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