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Thread: lol a little art on the side -shrugs

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    Smile lol a little art on the side -shrugs

    Hello lol its me chaoswolf and I got some art for ya. it isnt diaper related but hehe I still hope ya like it ^_^ Oh but it isnt done hehe

    oh and its mature ish for some blood and barely any nudity ( I promise it isnt to bad hehe)

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    Wow...really violent with blood and partial nudity...

    Just how I like it! Welcome.

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    hehe thanks :3 I need to get back to finishing it XD once im done itll be a full page pic lol

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    Its so violent.... yet so well drawn. Good job sir! : D

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    lol I aint good enough to be commissioned :P but ok XD

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    Heres my latest pic update lol XD yeah I know I know its kinda all screwy :P I need to shade it and lighten the lines and a bunch of other stuff lol

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    Hey...that's my fursona >.> ...and yeah he is XD Chaoswolf dies in my story :3 lol doesn't mean the story wont go on muwahahaha...or maybe it wont cause im lazy XD

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