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Thread: New style thick Depends w/ 4Tapes similar to a DECENT diaper

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    Default New style thick Depends w/ 4Tapes similar to a DECENT diaper

    Dakota13 thread here:

    (People in the *B/DL community finally discussing this after posting in quite a few *B/DL forums and getting basically NO response)

    Do you know what is perplexingly strange about Depend's is yes ive bought the crappy 6 tape ones which are paper thin (came in a red packet from a chemist like 6 or something years ago) yet i have seen with my own eyes (and worn) a packet of 4TAPE Depend which were as thick as a Tena Slip (Ultra i think they call them in Nth America) They are completely white plastic back (VERY soft plastic. The tapes are like the ones found on Abriforms or molicares, that is the double tape system and they even have a thick soft waist band. And these things arn't all that new here i wore them at an AB friend's place in like 2006/2007 whoem i no longer talk to.

    i'll link you to a medical supply site where you can find them.

    the so called "Depend Briefs Super Medium"

    a completely different medical supply website

    Now if you click on "Depend Briefs Normal Medium" you get your

    classic 6-tape, loud as a plastic bag piece of junk "Classic"

    Depend we all know and hate.

    NOW if you click further down the page you find " Depend
    Briefs Super Medium" and further down you'll find what i was talking about:


    Heres a pick of them:

    I ordered a printed catalog from one of these sites (its an interesting read. Here's what is says in the printed catalog:

    Depend brief Super Plus Medium
    Qty=Pack 15

    Any thoughts?

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    Those definitely look different than the offerings here in North America. I wonder if they will ever make it here?

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    Those are not marketted in North America... sadly.

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    well, if they really do hold 3100mL, that's pretty damn close to Abena's x-plus at 3300mL

    i hope these make it to north america!

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    Haha cool, hopefully they do make it to the states. Because it is quite likely it could be picked up by major chain stores.

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    Interesting, If you ever get some of those on your hands mind showing us some comparisons? This sounds very interesting that i am actually going to get my moneys worth from depends.

    *EDIT* I actually found the two tape varient on there website, though its the mexican, czech republic and Slovensko version of the website, it seems that they dont show all there products on all the countries. I can give you the link to search them.
    (For the czech and slovensko version of the sight click europe then click the url underneath the name of the country.)
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    Weird thing, I never tried depend diapers because everyone said they were so crappy but we have the cool version here in Mexico :P I've seen it in stores and all... I'll try it next time

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    It would be nice if an incontinence manufacturer just TRIED to sell high-quality diapers in stores. Abena, Molicare, the neat Depends mentioned above. I would bet you any money that they would sell! AND, sell very well! I just think someone has to take the first step.

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    Wow... if you look at the ones on the Mexican version of the website, they're completely different than these Australian ones or even any ones I've ever seen in the US. They've even gone so far as to package three different kinds of briefs (and from what Spanish I can decipher, they seem to be plastic-backed, two-tape, etc.). I've got a theory, however: I don't think we'll ever see an improvement on the US market in terms of plastic-backed briefs and I don't think we'll ever see any of these products.

    I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I think that the "Fitted Briefs" that many of us have come to know have been rather hard to find on store shelves for the past year or so. Depend's big product on the shelves now are the male/female ones, which are cloth-backed, just like practically every diaper on the market in the US. Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps the conclusion's obvious and I've just missed it until now, but I would venture a guess that Kimberly-Clark's market research has reached a conclusion that Americans just don't want to wear diapers. We seem to be a very private people, especially when it comes to do with sex or bodily functions, and it would make perfect sense if they've determined that there's a far bigger market for people who want a more discreet, more "normal" product vis--vis form factor at the expense of actual performance (see GoodNites and now especially UnderJams).

    Which, of course, sucks for us. So, happyhelper, I'll take that bet, because I don't think that they'd sell well at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VR Wolf View Post
    Interesting, If you ever get some of those on your hands mind showing us some comparisons? This sounds very interesting that i am actually going to get my moneys worth from depends.
    Yeah sure mate will do. The problem is these things compared to other brands are quite pricey. I mean dosh has been so tight at the moment the recentest order of nappies ive got is Lille Supreme Maxis. Getting some Depends Super Plus would like me eating at a steak house in the city compared to say a local RSL who does wonderful $10 roast of the day and sells $3 schooners of beer from the bar (say compared with god knows what rubbish you'd pay at a resturant).

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